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I chose hope as my profile picture because this gives me a measure of hope. The people may have doubt about themselves when coming to a difficult situation. Every time something like bullying comes into our lives we tend to lose that faith and strength. Tell ourselves we can’t do anything about it. Which may excuse all because of the fear we may have inside. I can say helping us with people around us who may be positive can help us open up from ourselves, getting closer to god. Maybe a helpful way to get to our way of home. Finding why aren’t we really alone in the real life. I want people to see me with faith so that they can get closer to god as well and never have to identify evil around them by giving up. ”  No matter how much a struggle may be, we are more powerful than the stick of sin that’s given”. WE ARE HUMANS WHO ARE POWERFUL!  there is no more backing away but try with all the stairs that are given.


In this world, we were not born perfect. We learned to be people when we struggle with a situation instead of giving up. There can be much false news about things that may back us away. But we aren’t really looking for our achievement all because of the negativity that was heard about it, We are representable as descriptive writers. We are known for the liberty of every citizen, race, color. Were known for trying our best, not just that but giving our best effort when coming to a big circumstance that may need a big push to stand upon that achievement. We are no more of a giver upper but faithful and hopeful humans. It has shown that success is the competitive way to get there. This image is important because it has a reason to bring our hope when it gets to sacrifice in the living reality of the world today. Fighting for our rights. Waiting for what may be unseen when a distance of measure was built undivided. Giving a big understanding of why we shouldn’t give up. Will you give up in a big circumstance? when it comes to difficulty in the big world. Around a punishment that has led to a bad manipulation of evil.

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