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September 23,2020          Mariely Padilla

i chose this image as my avatar because it has a personal value to me . The meaning of a butterfly to me means a lot in the sense of freedom to me a butterfly represents growth but most importantly to me freedom , everytime i see a butterfly I see myself and think of my internal freedom . It aswell is one of the special things I want to get tattooed because of the meaning behind it for me and in general I think butterfly’s are beautiful and interesting and there’s a variety of them that you can look into ,aswell you can create your own interpretations when thinking of a butterfly. I like for people to explore freedom , so I wanted my profile to look as an invitation to explore that and their freedom.

i chose my cover photo because the ocean in some sense brings me this overwhelming feeling of peace and yearning of life . It makes me think about how beautiful nature is and how beautiful the ocean is and as you look at it you can feel all different kinds of emotions , aswell as how you go to the beach for many different reasons . I always wanted to go the beach and watch the sunset . The sight of the ocean especially at night brings me this curiosity to explore life and to just be in the moment .

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