Mohammed’s Copy of Plot Analysis

Recently, I read   Born a Crime , by Trevor Noah. I was sad.  I felt sad because of the way his stepdad treated his mother and him.

The protagonist is Trevor Noah. . His  story is set in South Africa in the 1980s and 1990s, specifically in Soweto and Johannesburg. The significance of the South African setting is that he was born and raised there just as apartheid was ending. The significance of the setting shifting from Soweto to Eden Park  is that Trevor got the opportunity to go to a better school and  leave in a better house.

Trevor faces certain forces and pressures. Trevor avoid  his stepdad. The stepdad was a drunker and violent person. Moreover how he was treating Trevor’s mom.  He meets these forces and pressures by deciding to move in with his mom to the new man she got married to(Abel). The best choice he made was when he decided to stay away from Abel. If Abel is in the room you will see him outside. He lived like a mouse in the house. You can see this early on page 227.

The tension rises when  Abel starts maltreating he and his mom. When Trevor mom called her mom and said Abel is going to kill as one day. This started all the rising action. This might leave a reader feeling unhappy. Why will a man that you are married to will maltreat you and his stepson.

The story  climaxes when Abel  tries to shoot Trevor’s mom dead. “I was filled with rage, but there was nothing I could do. I felt completely impotent, but I still felt I had to do something. So I took out my phone and I called him—I called the man who’d just shot my mom, and he actually picked up”. page 332.

The falling action ultimately resolves the conflict. <Describe the satisfying resolution of the story.>  It’s a < person v. person? person v. society? person v. self? person v. nature? > type of conflict that’s driving this story. <Explain in two or three sentences.>

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