His’s Story

 I go into Eli’s room to find anything behind his suicide I just want to know why, why did he leave me. I look under his bed and see a box with paper and a cassette tape with a handwritten label saying “I’m sorry”. I grabbed my cassette player and started listening. *The recording starts* My name is Eli. I am 16 years old and this is the story of how I died. I was like anyone else, I was in tenth grade I had very few friends. Everything seemed so dull to me, I felt so numb. Ever since that incident happened I just want to die, I’m tired of everyone talking to me like I’m dumb or like I don’t matter. My parents don’t even look at me the same, my father walked out on me. Every day it’s getting more tiring, I miss her even more than anything else. I visit her grave every day but it gets harder, I see posters in school about suicide awareness and I can’t fight my tears.

             I saw her father at her grave Sunday, he asked me to leave and never come back. The pain was like knives going through my chest, I cried all the way home. I just don’t want to be here anymore, It hurts so much not being here with her. * Ring Ring * I’m tired of her calling me so much just to complain about dumb shit. I start walking faster. I notice there is a car following me, the car starts speeding. I see Jade’s father in the car I started running, he swerved onto the sidewalk, and I blackout. I woke up in the hospital, I saw my mother looking at me so disappointed I looked at my leg and saw that it was bandaged. I asked her what happened and she said “ Mason found you, he said that you jumped off the bridge, he saved you,” she said. “Mom I don’t remember jumping off the-oh my god.” I stopped and I saw Mason walking into the room. Mason says “Hey Naveah can I talk to your son in private.” My mother said “yeah” she gets up and walks out.
          I glance at Mason who is shutting the door. Mason says “Eli you know I never liked you even before you killed her,”. “You’re acting like you didn’t push her to do it either” his face turns. He grabs me by the neck and with venom, he says “I didn’t do shit and if you say anything about what happened I will kill you”. Mason heard the door opening and let go as the nurse walked in. ” Hello my name is nurse Brady, I will be helping you get back to being your old happy self, do you feel any pain in your leg honey?” My voice comes out harshly “no I’m just hungry”. “Well, what would you like? We have eggs, waffles, pancakes, and toast with butter”. I said “ thank you, ma’am, I would just like eggs and toast, “ she said “ your welcome”. My mother comes back into the room as the nurse leaves “Eli they said you have to stay for a whole week and when you get discharged you will start to see a therapist”. The week went by so fast I was just sleeping as the days went by, I woke up to my mother saying “let’s go your getting discharged” I got up confused I asked her “ isn’t it Monday” she said, “ no Eli that was three days ago it’s Thursday”. I got home and slept for the rest of the day.

             I wake up to shouting it’s six-thirty in the morning my mother is saying “ Eli get up it’s time for school”, I groan and say “okay” I see crutches next to my bed I struggle to get up as my leg is in complete pain I yell “ mom where are my pills” “ they’re on top of the table” I go downstairs as slow as I can, so I don’t fall. I limp into the dining room and I see my pill bottle. I noticed it was half empty and my pills were gone. ” Mom, where are the rest of my pills? ” she doesn’t reply. I limp into the kitchen and I see her crying on the floor. She says “I’m sorry Eli, I’m trying to stop, I’ll put the rest back, I’ll try not to touch them”. ” Mom you keep saying you will stop but you won’t stop lying to me you’re just like dad” she got up and slapped me and left for work.
        I’m skipping school I’m tired of my life, I’m tired of being sad, I’m tired of missing her, why would you ever leave me jade I fucking miss you I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I get my razor blade and start cutting just cutting all I see is blood nothing but blood I got very light headed I don’t want to stop I notice my bed sheets are covered in blood, “mom if your listening to this just know I love you * the recording stopped* I started sobbing ” so I pushed him to do this.”

            I dig into the Box that had letters open one up and see a letter by… Jade? It says “Dear Eli, by the time you read this I’m not gonna be here anymore. I’m gonna be in a better place where I won’t ever get hurt again. I want you to go to the police station and tell them what happened to me, tell them what my father did to me, I know you loved me but what you did was unforgettable and it pushed me over. I don’t blame you though I blame my father, he did things to me that made me hate my own body, he did things that made me want to die. In my backyard, I have a key to my house. It’s inside the pink gnome. I want you to go get the camera inside my drawer. It has evidence of what my father did to me. please do this for me, Love jade.” I gasp and get up “Mason sexually abused her” I realize Mason isn’t home at the moment because we work together and I know his schedule. I rush to my car to get to Mason’s house, ” just breathe Neveah, you got this. I park a block away just in case Mason comes early. I sneak into Mason’s backyard and find the pink gnome. I see a closeable hole in the bottom of the gnome, the key fell into my hand. I unlock Mason’s door and start looking for Jade’s room, I go upstairs and find her room. I searched through it and it wasn’t there, I checked in mason’s room, I searched through his drawer and found it. I heard footsteps coming into the house. I run into the bathroom and I hear the back door open.
          I ran as fast as I  could get out of his house, so I ran to my car and got in. I locked the doors. I see Mason walking towards my car. He knocks on my window and Mason says” Hey Naveah what are you doing down here”. I replied ” Oh I’m just going shopping,” he said,” Okay, you want to come over sometime.” I say ” Yeah I just gotta check when I have a day off” he smiles as I drive off. Oh my god, that was close, I get home and make sure everything is locked, I start watching the video. It looks like jade hid a camera in her room, I see Mason walk into Jade’s room he’s grabbing her by the thighs, he pulls his pants down and forces her head towards it. I can’t watch anymore. I sob, I hear a knock at the door. I get up and see Mason knocking, open the door he asks “ can I come in” I say “it’s not a good time Mason. He forces his way inside and says “ Neveah you really are a bitch” i grabbed the camera and ran upstairs. I locked myself in the bathroom and got my phone from my back pocket and called nine-one-one and said, “hello I need help there is a crazy man in my house trying to kill me, my address is three twenty dove street please help me”. I heard Mason say ”Neveah you can’t hide I know you were in my house”, I heard sirens and they sounded close. Mason starts kicking my bathroom door down and I try to open my window so I can escape, he grabs me by my legs and I hit my head on the toilet. I started to feel dizzy, I saw the cops break down my door while Mason was dragging me down the steps. They raise their guns and yell “ let her go and put your hands up” Mason lets go as they walk up to him, they handcuff him as I slowly regain consciousness. I got up to show them the camera, I showed them the video and they realized it was his daughter Jade. They say “ Mason Carlett you’re under arrest for the attempted murder and for sexually assaulting Jade Carlett”.

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March 14, 2022 2:09 am

Wow, that was deep, I really got sucked up into the story, you knew exactly what to say and how to say it. It’s almost like this was based on a true story.

February 8, 2022 2:53 am

I really like your story. It’s interesting and compelling.

February 7, 2022 3:27 pm

Your story was pretty good, you put a bit of detail and it definitely tell the story.

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