Fun Little Writing Prompts :^)


Question 1: favorite colors – blue green purple      As I stare over the field of grass, the blades rippling in the wind like water, I cannot help but to take in the waves of sunset. My body breathes in the flowing of navy and violet, a sigh releasing from my chest. There has always been a way about the sky that steals the tension away from my mind and body. I know now that this is where I want to be, forever wrapped in the cool embrace of nature.


Question 2:  The more colors, the more flowers and beauty that can be added to the imagery of a field in the middle of nowhere. With brown I could add a deer, with pink maybe a couple thousand tulips. Removing the violet and replacing it with red and orange could change the landscape from being calm and peaceful, to fiery and passionate.  Yellow could add weeds,  with grey I could add storm clouds that bring with them the smell of a storm, and the hopeful promise of rain.


Question 3: The sky is an irresistible mix of navy and violet, both combining together to form a yin and yang picture. The clouds are grey with darkness, powdery and comforting. With them comes the peaceful feeling of relaxation, for if a cloud can float freely, why can’t I? There is also a streak in the sky from a man who attempts at all his might to be faster than the rest. It is a falsehood, an imaginary telling, the streak trying to imitate the peace of clouds, only to bring with them the harshness of a knife.


Question 4: Instead of looking up, I am looking out. One cannot view the sunset from above, but you can become eye level with it. The clouds are no longer above me, instead choosing to take rest below my feet, promising to catch me if I were to fall in love with the collage of sky. I no longer have grass, only a never ending horizon of sky to keep me company through the tireless years. Each stare, each glance, every moment it spends in my eyesight is treasured, and viewing it head-on only ever makes that better. It is all picturesque moments with no cameras.


Question 5: The wind whispers promises of a better tomorrow in my ears. Somewhere hidden in my serene sky there is the call of a bird attempting to find it’s way back home. Crickets sing somber, quiet tunes to the pulse of the world and the beat of my thoughts. The rest is silence. No voices, no animals, no vehicles, no lights buzzing that God awful buzzing. The rest is silent. 


Question 6: I could change the sound of the crickets to an upbeat, normal noise. It would change the tone of the writing, from tranquility to annoyance, fr crickets can be quite burdensome when given the wrong instrumentation.

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