Everything Will Come in the Light

Everything Will Come In The Light


By: Raiyyan Sylla

              They were all sitting around the table, in disbelief of what they had done. None of them could believe that they had actually gone through with it. It had all just started as a joke, a fun idea, but then it got real. 


It’s the first day of school at Bredston High. I can’t believe I’m a junior already, it feels like I just came to this town. I meet up with Asaad and we get coffee right before we head to our first class. We would always do this sophomore year and get some kind of sweet pastry; it always made us have a sugar rush, even though it wasn’t that much sugar lol. I try to stay away from sweet food I over eat. Me and sugar don’t have a good relationship. Sugar always runs toward me when I see it. It was nearing the time of our first class and we didn’t want to be late, so we left the breakfast shop. They always have extra security when we walk through the school’s metal detector, and they always pat us down. “Why are you grabbing me like that?” Asaad said. They always pat him down more than me. I think it’s because he’s black; they could be racist. He is the only black kid that goes here. As we walk to our first class we put our stuff down and make Tik-Toks in the hall, we stop the video because we only have one minute to get to class or we will be considered late. The bell rang early today DING DING DING. It does it 10 times and when it’s over we are late. So we run there and make it thank god. 


When we get to class we see Veronica and Brielle. They always greet us and say ”Let’s live long lovelys lives” but they didn’t at that time, so I give Veronica a hug and a head nod to Brielle. Asaad waves at them both, and they both wave back. It’s a little awkward , “why didn’t you give me a hug Ray?” Breille said, I just laughed and headed to my seat. Asaad followed. Breille was my first friend when I moved Bredston Town. She always makes me feel less about myself or makes fun of how I’m not captain of the basketball team. Which she knows that I’m working really hard for. But I continue to be her friend because she was the first person I became acquainted with here. I was going to cut her off and just be friends with Veronica and Asaad but I think it’ll be a little weird. With them still talking to her and all. Brielle just puts me down and makes me feel a certain way. Especially when she talks about my basketball performance because I know I’m good. She can be fun to hang out with when we are all together, but overall she’s an uptight person. I don’t know how we became friends. We usually go to Breilles’ basement or the movies. It has an arcade there so we sometimes play games afterwards. 


Though I suspect they aren’t big fans of her either. Earlier this week Asaad confronted me about how he felt about Brielle. That she was conceited and treated him like an outsider at times. Assad sometimes doesn’t realize, but Brielle would make jokes about him being black or just stereotypes that he doesn’t like because he already goes to an all white school. And him being the only black one there makes it so much worse. She would joke around about the clothes he wore but I wouldn’t understand because they wore the same clothing brands. There would also be comments made by Brielle like “should you even be wearing that ” or “how did you get that” but Asaad is more on the quiet side so he won’t say anything about it. You could tell by the vibe something was off when she would make a comment like that, but she would just laugh it off. Even though we all know she meant the things that were coming out of her mouth. We would all just look at her with a blank face, she thinks she is better than us because her parents are rich and have money. We tell her we don’t really like when she brings that up .We feel like she is belittling us, but Brielle doesn’t really pay any attention when we say that she kinda just brushes it off and tells us to “chill”. It’s degrading.


Veronica and Brielle are very close, but just like Asaad , Brielle does weird things to Veronica to make herself feel better. Last summer Veronica got a boyfriend and they hung out all summer. So she spent more time with him than us. Brielle was upset about that but claimed she didn’t care and didn’t want a boyfriend. So Veronica would tell us how Brielle would be a third wheel and always talk to her boyfriend more than she would her. We were all convinced that Brielle had a crush on Veronica’s boyfriend but we all just ignored it. One day we went to the movies; then the arcade after we watched the movie. We told Veronica to come and to invite her boyfriend. Veronica and Brielle meet up before they come. Veronica’s boyfriend shows up by himself. They wait outside for us. 


“It’s hot as hell out here where are the boys?” Brielle said.

“I know,” They were standing out there for a long time. “Do you think we should go in?” Veronica said.

“Nah let’s wait just a lil longer,” Brielle said.

Veronica eyed her, preparing to confront her about the flirting.

“Please don’t try any funny business with my boyfriend, you are always more jokey and playful when he’s around.” Veronica said. 

“Girl…no one wants your skimpy boyfriend, I act normal when we hang out. We are all having a fun time, don’t be bitter and try to ruin it.” Breille said. 

         We see Brielle and Veronica standing outside the theater. They are having a conversation. Veronica looks annoyed. I wonder what they were talking about. The movie starts soon but we didn’t see Veronica’s boyfriend there yet so they still didn’t go in. Veronica and Brielle continue to have their conversation and walk away from us a little bit. 

“Don’t make this weird because you are jealous and if you look from my perspective you would see what i mean. If you had a boyfriend I wouldn’t be doing this.” veronica said 

“I wouldn’t do ANYTHING to jeopardize your relationship Veronica, we are best friends.” Brielle said. 


         We see Veronica and Brielle finish their conversation when her boyfriend pulls up. We were all walking into the theater and Veronica was beyond pissed. She tells us how she felt about that later on that night after everyone went their separate ways asaad and i just listen and tell her how we feel about brielle too. Everyone was all mad and felt dumb because they didnt realize what breille was doing to them. We wanted to do something about it but we didn’t know what…something extreme. 

It’s a brand new day. We all headed to my house afterschool. We’ve been coming up with a plan to give Brielle her payback. We kept debating on what we want to do but we have to be smart about it because we don’t want to get in trouble. I’m the one who planned to hurt her but I didn’t think Asaad and Veronica were going to take my side. I was actually pretty glad because when my dad hits me it makes me want to take that anger out on something but I can hit my dad because that’s disrespectful and he’ll hit me even more than he does now. So he just wants to have some kind of control and be powerful. One of our ideas was to tie her up and just strangle her…that seems a little dark but that was the first idea we came up with. I wanted to just take a gun and put it to her head to scare her but i couldn’t do that because i didn’t have a gun or know anyone who did have one. I started to ask Veronica and Asaad questions about what we should do. They were as clueless as a newborn baby. We were all thinking very hard, hard as a rock. Veronica and Asaad weren’t thinking of something as extreme as physically hurting her but they did want to hurt her. We figured we would pretend it was a normal day. Little did Brielle know this would be her last day alive.


So we all meet up at the arcade and I’m getting kind of nervous. It’s getting too real. I wonder if others feel the same. There’s a lake nearby; so we figured we would dump the body when we were done. This is it. We are finally ready. We played games, laughed, talked, and did everything we always do. And of course Brielle did what she always does.


“Why did you have Asaad pay for your food?” Brielle said to me. 

She knew I didn’t have much. 

“Mind your own business”

“It was just a question; I mean I know your not rich but at least pay for your own food”

We all gave knowing looks at each other. It was time.

“Anyways let’s go chill by the lake” Veronica said.

As soon as we got close to the lake Veronica pushed Brielle. 

“What the hell!” said Brielle. “Why’d you push me” 

Veronica didn’t say anything. Then Asaad hit her in the head with a rock. She started bleeding and dropped down to the ground. 

“Guys please stop! What the heck”

We continued until she was dead. Then dumped her body in the lake. After that we left to go to the park. There they sat at the table. Stunned at what just happened. Scared even. They were scared but they couldn’t help the feeling that they had done the right thing.


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March 18, 2022 12:49 am

i like the high school setting and character development

March 12, 2022 5:00 pm

I like how you had who said what so people wouldnt be confused. I like how in the beginning you had it where when we read it , it made it interested to where we wanted to read more. I like how you had a lot of detail when you were explaining on what they wanted to do to get rid of her. I also like how you added a race issue was added

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