Eli's Regret

Eli wakes up at the crack of dawn on Monday morning in the middle of Fall. Eli hates waking up for school in the morning because he’s always tired. He gets out his bed and heads upstairs to the bathroom to start his morning by washing his face and brushing his teeth. He gets dressed and heads out the door on his way to the bus stop. It’s cold like the weather in Antarctica.

  He wants to get something to eat on his way to the bus stop but he has no money. 


Eli gets to school late a lot but his grades aren’t bad. A lot of people are cool with Eli because he’s chill and laid back. His main man is Ahsill but he prefers people to call him Sill instead. Sill and Eli knew each other since they were six because they lived on the same street since they were born. They both lost their fathers at a young age due to gang violence, so with them living all with just their mom things are pretty hard.


Eli gets up to the second floor where the 11th graders have advisory. He puts his book bag in his locker every morning where he meets Sill. They dap each other up and start heading to advisory and while walking Sill says 

“Man, why you always late?” 

Eli responds with

 “You know I hate getting up for school,” 

In a grinning tone.

They head into the classroom where they sit at the same table. 

“We gotta start getting this money gang, i’m tryna move my mama out of Philly,” 

Eli Said,

 “No cap,” Said Sill. “I sent out all these job applications and nobody hired me.” 


The day grows old and Eli and Sill head home after school. After school Eli hops on Warzone with his cousin Eric. Eric just turned 20 and he’s in a gang called “MOL,” It stands for Money Over Love. Eli discusses money with Eric and Eric talks about how he been living fast since 17. That brings thoughts to Eli’s head about joining a gang with his cousin. Eli with the mic on his head says to Eric


“Yo you think you can get me in? Times been hard I know you know how I feel and you should understand.”

“Bro you think you ready for that?” Eric says.

Eli responds with “Bro I’m tired of being broke.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” Eric concludes.

The next day Eric calls Eli about the gang situation. 

“Yo Eli I talked to my boy and he said he could bring you in but Eli these streets ain’t no joke bro.”

“Bro I know what I’m getting myself into. I’m doing this for my mom too, not just me.” Eli says.

“Alright well Ima see you soon bro, love you stay safe” Eric says.

“Vice versa,” Eli concludes.


Eli goes to school the next day and meets Sill, even though that’s Eli’s right hand he doesn’t tell him because he doesn’t want anyone knowing he’s joining a gang. Lately Sill been hanging with some kid Leem. He probably met Leem last year when Eli wasn’t going here, Eli recently transferred to Edison in the beginning of the year because his old school was too far. Leem seems like a chill guy but people think he’s a scammer. Most people believe that because Leem post’s himself with large amounts of money on Instagram and post’s stuff on his story like “Tap in,” With a list of bank names. If Sill needs money he better “Tap in,” With Leem.

Eli meets with Eric after school on a ducky block with people posted on both ends of the block. Eric and Eli enter a bando in the middle of the block. 

“This is the Block Eli. This is where everything flows, drugs and money. This house is used to store stuff like guns,money,and drugs.” Eric explains.

“I’m up for whatever, as long as I can get help my mama and get some money in my pockets.” Eli expresses.

“You think you’re ready?” Eric asked.

“Let’s go.” Says Eli.

Eric hands him drugs and a gun.

“If anything pops off, hit my phone.”

Eli heads out and gets to it.


Two weeks pass by and Eli has already fallen in love with the life. Money, ladies, designer clothes, it’s everything he imagined. He’s been returning home wearing expensive attire his mom never bought so now she’s wondering where he’s getting all this money to afford these things. She also notices Eli is never home when he’s usually at home after school playing video games. One day Eli comes home around 8PM and his mom starts to question him. 

“Eli, where have you been?” His mom asked.

“I- I was playing basketball with my friend’s mom.” Eli stutters.

“This late Eli?!” His mom shouts.

“Sorry mom.” Eli apologizes.

“You haven’t been home at all these past two weeks so what’s going on? His mom asked.

“Listen mom,” Eli takes a deep breath.

“I’ve been selling drugs with Eric because I wanted to help you out and I’m tired of having no money in my pockets.” Eli explains.

“You’ve been what Eli?! Are you serious?! Selling drugs while living in my house?! Hell No!” She yells. 

“But mom, look at all the money I have!” Eli argues.

He reaches for his bag, unzips it and pulls out two thousand dollars in cash.

“Eli I don’t care about that money I’m mad because you’re my son and I care about you!” His mom expresses. 

“I can’t let you follow the same path your father did, I won’t let it happen again!” She has a tone in her voice like she’s holding her tears back. 

“Mom, I did this for me and you, we don’t have to be broke anymore.” 

“Eli get the fuck out of my house!” 

“So it’s like that mom?”

“Alright then i’m out”

Eli leaves a thousand in cash on the table for his mom then exits the house.

As Eli leaves the house a black Chrysler 300 comes around the corner, 


            “Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop!”

             Eli gets hit and drops to the floor and the Chrysler 300 skirts off. Eli’s mom comes running out of the house after hearing eight shots pop off. Eli is gushing blood as his mom is holding him, 

“My baby!” 

“Eli come on pull through you got this.”

She calls 911 and the ambulance comes shortly.

Eli wakes up in the hospital with everyone around him, Sill, Eric, his mom and a lot of doctors.

“Oh my god! My baby, his eyes are open!” Eli’s mom yells.

“Ma’am please calm down, let the doctors concentrate.”

“You think he’s gonna be okay?” Sill says to Eli’s mom.

“The doctors are doing their best I hope so.”

Eric is sitting down quiet thinking in his head,

“This is all my fault man..”

“I should’ve never let my lil cousin into the game.”

Hours pass by and Eli’s hooked up to a lot of machines.

“The doctors said he got hit 3 times in his right leg but there’s no major injuries and he’ll be okay.” Eli’s mom said.

After being in the hospital for a month Eli returns home.

“Man what happened?”

“You got hit three times that’s what happen.” Eli’s mom said.

Eli sheds tears..

“I’m sorry mom, I was stupid and reckless and only thought about money.”

“I don’t wanna live this life anymore.” Eli continues.

“Call Eric and tell him to come see me.”

“Anything you need honey.”

As she dials Eric’s number the door opens and Eric walks through.

“How you doing lil cuz?” Eric says.

“I’m Alive.” Eli replies.

“I just came to here to say this is all my fault and i’m sorry Eli.”

“As your older cousin I should’ve never put you through something like this.” Eric explains.

“It’s not your fault man this is all on me.” Eli replies.

“I was so desperate for money that I almost got myself killed.” Eli continues.

“But I’m done living this life.” Says Eli.

I applied for a job at a library and i’m just gonna work there.”

“That’s cool.” Says Eric.

After leaving the lifestyle Eli had fallen in love with he’s now doing better working a nine to five job. Still to this day no one knows who had shotton Eli, but he still walks the earth. Eli’s been using his money providing for him and his mom. Food is always in the house and rent and bills are always paid. El lives on and takes care of his momma until she grows old. 


                             If you’re broke, be patient your time is coming.


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March 14, 2022 1:56 am

It’s a good story overall, it reminds me of real life situations that occur today.

February 12, 2022 7:05 pm

This would be a great piece to POST as a DISCUSSION.
Here’s how: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CLHA4Ur7DFidChpdC70-XGH-_dueId4mGTv7Mq5wL1w/edit?usp=sharing

February 8, 2022 7:53 pm

I like the story it reminds me of something that would happen in real life. The dialogue is easy to read and it uses language that I use. some advice is uses your quotes better.

February 8, 2022 3:07 pm

This story reminds me of elements of Meek’s Mills Tony’s Story, with a bit of scam rapper artist Teejayx6 from Detriot. Including some bars from lyrics related to the story would take it to the next level.

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