Don't Fall Victim To The Streets

       My name is Trayvon Shaw and here’s my story. I moved to North Philadelphia with my mom and was homeschooled for the majority of the time. Basketball is something I wanted to play since the age of 10. I never once liked doing something so much until I picked up my first basketball and saw what I could do with it. I never really had a father figure in my life, my dad was in and out of my life my whole entire life and that’s something I had to get used to at a certain age. It’s just been me and my mom and she did anything she could do to make me happy. She is fully understanding and glad that I want to play basketball. She was the one who told me to follow my dreams and I can do anything I put my mind to.  The neighborhood I lived in really wasn’t what I expected but it was better than nothing. I wasnt really going outside unless it was to go practice. Basketball got even better for me when I saw and heard that scouts from colleges were at my games watching me play. I got offered multiple scholarships and been offered to go on tours to different colleges and I couldn’t believe this was happening, it gave me more motivation to go harder and I could get a better outcome. Everything was going great until One day I was sitting on my steps and one of the older guys on my block walked up to me and started talking to me. He was telling me how he liked what I was doing and that we live in a rough hood and he reached in his pocket and handed me a gun.


        I was confused on why he gave it to me and he basically explained to me that me being a star in the making a lot of people not going to like that and that I need to protect myself at all times no matter what. I was leaving the house and my mom had found the gun that I forgot to put up, SMH. She wasn’t upset but she was disappointed and wanted to have a sit down and talk to me and ask where I got it from. I told her one of the older guys on the block had given it to me and told me to protect myself at all times because “People are not going to like me being a star in the making” She understood more than I thought she would. The next day my mom told me to get dressed and that we were going to a family gathering. We don’t really get along with the rest of our family, but we were going to try to today. Once we got there all my cousins came running to me asking to take pictures and everything and I had forgotten why for a second until I remembered that I was a halfway famous basketball player. Things got boring so I left and went back home to hang with the older guys on the block. They seemed cool and I started to hang out with them alot more than I usually would, later on I started to sell drugs and make a lot of money from it and was starting to lose focus of basketball. My mom was wondering where all this money was coming from, and she started to question if it was legal money. To me things were looking good until I got into a situation that could end bad.

         My mom was asking me where the money was coming from and I told her I got a job that pays me the same exact day. Later on that day I was out selling drugs until the cops pulled up and arrested me and a couple of the older guys, the only thing they found on me was a gun and that’s cause i got rid of all the drugs. My mom later on came and got me and she was really upset and told me I had someone at home waiting to talk to me. When I got there my dad was on the couch watching tv. I asked him when he got out of jail? And why is he here now all of a sudden? He didn’t say anything until mom told me to go upstairs and get the duffel bag full of money. I poured out all the money and he was surprised to see how much money came out of the bag. I said to him, “Why are you just going to take the money and leave again like you always do? He responded and said no he is staying for good and he is here to get me back on track and actually be a father towards me. I felt a little bit excited but I didn’t want to get my hopes up like I did as a kid. The next day mom told me to get dressed and dad was going out for breakfast. I told her I couldn’t go because I had stuff to do, she asked what I have to do and I told her basketball. She seemed excited and said they can come with me so I let them, we got there and she asked where everybody was? I told her that after I got arrested I lost some of the scholarships and I wasn’t playing to my full potential anymore. I had the thought of just giving up and stop playing basketball and find something else to do in my free time. I haven’t been showing up to the majority of the practices, I wasn’t playing how I usually would and things were just going downhill for me. I eventually stopped going to practice and barely showed up to the basketball games. I quit the team and started to get in the streets a lot more. Mom didn’t know what to do with me. I started to come in the house late everyday and started to not attend school a couple days throughout the week. Things were starting to look bad. 

     Mom was afraid that I was going to get myself in trouble with the authorities again, she tried to get dad to talk to me but I didn’t listen to him because why try and be a father towards me now? Stuff around the house was weird, I would wake up, get myself together then leave the house and wouldn’t come back in until after like 3 in the morning. Mom got really scared when me bringing in $1,000 dollars would turn into me bringing home at least $5,000 a day. She wouldn’t accept the money every time I tried to give her some money so she could go shopping, so I would just go out and get her things. As word got around in school that “ I was the man” so a lot of females would try and come to talk to me but I already knew how that was going to go lol. A couple of weeks went by and I started to think to myself that the street life isn’t what I wanted and that I let the money get to my head, when I got home I told mom I was sorry for everything that I had put her through. She was happy and she said it’s ok and that she was going to help me get back on track with basketball. I told dad I apologize for the way I was treating him and he said he understood because he was the same way towards his dad. He asked if he could be my trainer to 


   He asked if he could be my trainer to  get me back in shape for basketball, things started to look good again and before I knew it I got back on the basketball team . The older guys on the block understood and they told me to do what I had to do to get back on track. I questioned myself on why I did half the stuff I did, I probably did it because of the hype and wanted to take the fast route to get to the money. Mom was proud that things were looking good again, scouts were interested in the way I transitioned and were even more interested in how I was playing. I got invited to the NBA combine where a bunch of highschool and college recruits go to do different types of drills and at the end have a 5on5 game. I was nervous because I didn’t expect to be here enjoying this moment, I honestly thought a couple months ago I would still be out selling drugs and running from cops everyday. I received a sneaker deal with Nike for 40 million dollars and I’m only in high school. With that money mom and dad got us a better and bigger house that’s in a safe environment. I attended a new school which was a good thing because A former Nba player said he will put in a good word for me in the Nba. One thing I will tell you though it wasn’t easy getting back on track it took weeks for me to get my head back on straight. My dad was actually a good personal trainer, I’m not going to lie I was impressed with what he taught me. Most teens like me would have kept chasing the street life and was going to reflect on what they did when they ended up in jail, and that they were going to wish that they stuck to playing basketball.  Things got even better for me when mom and dad told me I had twin brother’s on the way. 

    Things with guys on the block and Trayvon have been really weird. It been real shady, like I would walk past them and say wassup or see how things are, and I wouldn’t really get a response back. I was in school one day and multiple people came up to me and kept telling  me that one of the guys on the block said “When I see Trayvon bitch ass i’m going to kill him, how the fuck he think he can get out the streets and go back to playing basketball?” I wasn’t really worried about it, I was just going to ask him what the problem was. Mom heard about it and she was scared that something bad was going to happen to me, so I told her I was perfectly fine. One day I went outside to see who was knocking on the door at 2:30 in the morning  and there wasn’t anyone there. I was about to close the door when I saw a Dodge Hellcat srt speeding down the street and then all off suddenly I heard gunshots then I hit the floor. Trayvon’s mom came rushing downstairs and saw her baby boy on the floor bleeding out. She was screaming and crying for help. His dad came downstairs and was trying to calm his mom down. Trayvon was going in and out and wasn’t breathing right, he had got shot multiple times in his chest and a bullet had grazed his head. Trayvon later on suffered from his injuries, and wasn’t able to continue his life and basketball. Two weeks went by and Trayvon dad went to get revenge for his son because he was tired of hearing people put in songs that they were “smoking on that Trayvon shaw pack” And “Go pick Trayvon up that dead ass nigga” and we ended  that boy career. His dad was later on arrested for the murder he commited in his son name and was sentenced to life. 


                      “Don’t trade your lifestyle for something that’s for the moment, wait              your turn and your gonna win in the outcome”

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