Don't Fall Victim To The Streets

Hi, My name is Trayvon Shaw and this is my story…

Tray his mom yells from downstairs, get ready for school right now! Trayvon hates going to school; he feels like it’s a waste of time. He gets up, gets in the shower and gets dressed, tray likes getting dressed when it comes to fashion. Nobody can’t tell him anything, you will usually catch him with the newest and latest everything from head to toe. One of Trays’ close “homies” named Jabrill but goes by brill came to get him, they leave out and are heading to school. 

          “I’m tired of this school shit brill you feel me?” Tray says.

  “I know bro but in the meantime you got to worry about one basketball and two these girls” Brill   says.

They both laugh.

They both arrive at school and head to their first class of the day, it’s a friday so each of these classes is 30 minutes long. Tray has been known all over the school by everyone because of his great basketball performances, he has gained much attention from the streets of north philadelphia and from different schools across the city. Besides him playing basketball tray has been getting in a lot of trouble for fighting and other things related to gang violence. 


Tray gets in an argument with another kid who doesn’t like him because of who he is. Crazy thing about this is that the person tray is arguing with is brill cousin, brill is from the west side of philly and the west side and the north side of philly doesn’t get along with each other. Tray is friends with Brill because he doesn’t promote gang violence but somehow always gets wrapped around it. Tray gets sent to the principal’s office. 

One more fight and you’re off the basketball team Shaw!” The principal says

“It wasn’t even my fault principal brown this is everyday thing with them” Tray says

It’s the end of the day and Trayvon heads home to where he find his mom crying, he asked her whats wrong and she said

“ we are behind on bills, i’m going to need you to pitch in with your checks you get from working” mom says

“That’s not a problem momma just tell me what I could do to help are situation” Tray says

Trayvon’s dad wasn’t in his life he was sentenced to life in prison when Tray was born so his mother plays both father figure and mother at the same time until one day. Tray was sitting on his steps and was watching all the drug dealers sell drugs and make a lot of money from doing it. He later than got up and walked up to a drug dealer named “closed eye”.

 “Tray ask him can he join them and make the fast money with them”

“Closed eye said yeah you can but first you gotta show me that you trustworthy” 

The next day closed eye dropped Tray off two dozen of xanax pills and told him to bring back $500 dollars from selling them and Tray did exactly that. Damn that was fast closed eye said! Tray started to sell drugs with them and became less and less focus on the basketball courts. One night Tray mom yelled 

“Trayvon, get your ass down here now!” His mom says

Tray came downstairs to see his mom holding a duffel bag full of money and drugs, she asked who is it? While crying He told her it was his and that he was doing it to help them out so that they can live better. She screamed and told him “Get out now, pack your bags and leave now!” Trayvon didn’t say anything, he just got his stuff and called Brill to come get him. He gets in the car and brill says

“So the street life is the way you handle things now?”.“Yeah nigga, I got to make sure moms cool one way or another and this 9 to 5 aint working right now”Tray says.

“Well I know a couple people from the west side who can help you push  way more than you pushing now you feel me?” Brill says

“Naw man I ain’t messing with them west side people so it can spark a war and I end up dying feel me?” Tray says

“Yeah I feel you” Brill says

They get to Brill house and Tray sits on the couch and thanks Brill for letting him chill at his spot for a couple of days. It’s cool man you don’t get to thank me we brothers. The next day appears and Brill is on the phone with someone, Tray asks who it was and Brill said it wasn’t nobody for real just the girls keep calling him basically telling Tray “You know how that goes”. Tray was getting a little suspicious and thought to wonder if Brill was trying to backdoor him. Brill and Tray starts to get in an argument 

Bro what’s your problem you been taking all these calls lately and you moving weird” Tray says

“Bro just worry about living your life the best way you could for right now” Brill says

What’s that supposed to mean? Tray says

Tray grabs his things and leaves and heads home and starts to worry if his closest homie was going to snake him. Tray kept his distance from Brill for a couple of weeks, he continued to sell drugs but started to hide it well from his mom so she wouldn’t have to worry anymore. Tray was less and less focused with school and basketball and eventually stopped going. Brill reached out to Tray to apologize for the fall out they had. 

“Bro my fault for how things ended between us. We brothers, we are better than this!” Brill says

“Man brill you been moving weird lately ion know man you aint been the same since I jumped in the streets” Tray says 

“Brill stays silent and doesn’t say anything and hang up”

One night Tray was sitting on his steps waiting for a girl to pull up until he noticed a Dodge Hellcat srt speed down the block and rolled down the window and let shots fly from out the back window. Tray’s mother ran downstairs to see what happened to see her baby boy laying on the sidewalk with bullet holes in his stomach, arms and legs. She screamed for help! Closed eye came running down the block and said

“What happened to him what happend?”

He got shot! His mother says

Tray survived his injuries and was in the hospital for like a week or two. When he got out he immediately got back to what he was doing until closed eye asked him about getting his revenge and Tray knew that Brill had something to do with it. So a couple weeks go by and closed eye and Tray are in a full blacked out suv and closed eye say you ready? Tray says yeah and hops of the car and knocks on Brill’s door and when Brill answered Tray let shots off and ran back to the car and closed eye pulled off. Tray layed low for a while started to attend school again and later found out Brill didn’t survive, Closed eye ended up getting arrested for the murder of Jabrill because he dropped his wallet the night Tray killed him. 

Tray left the streets  alone and started to get back on with basketball and school. When Tray arrived home and his mother said they need to have a deep conversation,

“I’m glad that your back on track with the positive things in your life” mom says

“I know mom, can I be honest? It was kind of scary being in the streets and see how that turned out for me and brill” Tray says

Tray lived with the guilt for a little bit about killing Jabrill but soon got over it because he felt as though Brill didn’t feel guilty with setting him up through a girl. Tray continued his life and ended up graduating from high school and attended LSU College where he played basketball. Closed eye ended up getting out of jail because he was leaving Brill house from being with his mom before picking up Tray he dropped his wallet and Brill mom took the witness stand to say that.Things around the hood weren’t the same but it wont never be!




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March 15, 2022 1:38 am

I like how he talked about Philly and how in each part of the story it got more interesting, and how it was kinda relatable. Overall I really liked it and if it was put into a book I wouldn’t have no problem reading it.

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