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In paragraphs 142,145 and 148 of “The Last Spin” by Evan Hunter  may leave a reader feeling upset because it’s about two young men from rival gangs that are settling an issue by playing Russian roulette and even though this is the case they want to ditch the game and build a friendship with eachother but sadly it doesn’t end that way ,An example of this is on paragraph 142,  “”Screw the clubs!” Tigo said. “Can’t we pick our own …” The word was hard coming. When it came, his eyes did not leave Danny’s face. “… friends?”,This may leave you upset because it was a start of a new friendship for them but was prevented because of these gangs 

We learn something interesting about one of the characters, danny on paragraph 91 where it says: “wait!” Trying to prevent tigo from pulling the trigger , is not typical of how this character acts in this book so far. He often seems to be rushing the process of the game and just trying to get it over with and putting on an act as if he doesn’t care . This changes things because he is no longer trying to keep up the act of not caring about the situation he is in just because he feels as though he has to do it , he’s actually trying to keep the conversation going with tigo .


After this part of the book, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this book because Tigo and Danny want to ditch the situation their in and build a new friendship,What’s probably going to happen next is after the last round their leave the clubs and go on about their new life’s .

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