Día de Muertos – Remembering a Family Member

Someone in my family who passed away was my <uncle, grandma, mom, dad, brother, sister, cousin…> who died <when did this person pass?>. He was a <3-5 descriptive adjectives> person who will be missed by <specifically who in this person’s family, friends, and/or strangers from the community>. <S/he/they> was a person who was always <describe something this person was always doing or somewhere s/he/they tended to go >.

<S/he/they> <was/were> in <his/her> <teens, twenties, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s …etc.> when <he/she/they> died. <He/She/They> appreciated life even <describe something that this person overcame or persisted through>. <He/She/They> <was/were> always <what feeling was this person mostly associated with?> and <he/she/they> <was/were> that way since <when do you first remember him/her/them this way?>. <Describe a difficult thing that happened to this person when he/she/they were/was young.> but <he/she/they> <describe how he/she/they overcame this difficulty.>

I am <a word describing your feeling about his/her/their passing> that <he/she/they> <is/are> gone and I <describe one of your last or best memories with this person>. <Write two or three more sentences about that time with this person and why it meant a lot to you.> <Finish with a strong sentence or two that says how this person has influenced your life.>

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