Deep In The Trenches.

Well welcome to my lil world, I would say you’ll love it here but people seem to think I’m the devil’s daughter, lol they only say that because I don’t take no bullshit. Anyway I’m Kayla SB Jones. The SB is my two middle names. I like them, I just don’t like saying them out loud. I have 6 siblings, 5 brothers and 1 sister so all together it’s 7 of us, well 4 now..  Including myself. I was born and raised in North Philadelphia aka Philly, I feel like Philly should just be its own lil state or city because when we say Philly we just mean the north part, lol. People like to say Philly is the bad land. I don’t think it’s bad. I just think it is the mindsets of people and their actions. I wouldn’t say Philly is  great but we do get stuff popping down here, YA HEARD. I go to a highschool called Dunkin high, the most interesting high school ever because I never heard of a high school that doesn’t do anything but that’s all going to change because I’m trying to really get a feel of highschool. I don’t want it to be boring. I wanna have fun and shit. When I first got to this school I didn’t wanna make friends because people always be weird and stuff but if we being honest i met some cool people I wouldn’t say we friends they cool asf tho, I just have a hard time claiming people as my friends because I been snaked to many times and I’m not bout to let that happen again. It’s four of us Liz short fa Aliza, Maya short fa Samaya & then there’s Layy short fa Kalayah oh then it’s just me yall already know that tho. Let me tell yall a lil bit about then, first up we have Aliza the short hot head always hitting somebody, then we have Samaya the fun crazy one that will def tell you how it is she do not play no game, next it’s Kalayah the touchy one that’s always up under me and stuff. Now it’s time to tell you about me as all know I’m Kayla the goofball/ crazy one out da group.

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