Copy of Plot Analysis: Angel Guerra

Recently, I read  “What You Pawn I Will Redeem”, by Sherman Alexie.  I appreciated this story because I have seen how alcohol addiction can affect somebody’s life..

The protagonist is Jackson Jackson. His story is set in 2003 in Seattle, specifically the pawn shop, the Indian bar and the 7-eleven. The significance of the Seattle setting is that there was a lot of indian homeless people there and it does not get very cold out there so it was easier for the homeless to survive outdoors. The significance of the setting shifting from the pawn shop to the inidan bar is that he is able to drink at the bar and get as wasted as he wants where in the pawn shop he is not able to do that.

Jackson Jackson faces certain forces and pressures. He faces problems such as poverty, homelessness,and alcoholism.  He meets these forces and pressures by deciding to drink everyday which cost him a lot of failure but he didn’t really get in too deep onto why he became homeless. You can see this early in the short story on paragraph 1 the first few sentences.

The tension rises when Jackson has to look for $1,000 to redeem his grandmother’s regalia from the pawn shop. This might leave a reader feeling Curious because anybody who hasn’t read the story may think to themselves how is a homeless man going to make $1,000 to get his grandmother’s regalia?

The short story climaxes when Jackson spends $25 of the $30 Officer Williams gave him on a meal for himself and the three Aleut cousins and then bids them farewell. He later learns that they walked into the sea and likely drowned. Jackson has 24 hours to earn back the regalia has to come to an end. “He opened up his wallet and pulled out a crisp twenty-dollar bill and gave it to me. And Rose of Sharon, Junior, and I walked out into the daylight to search for nine hundred and seventy-four more”.

The falling action ultimately resolves the conflict. At the end of the story Jackson got the regalia because the pawn shop owner noticed who he was and saw that the regalia didnt belong to him because he was white and Jackson was indian It’s a person vs self type of conflict that’s driving this story. Because of all the problems that Jackson was facing and addictions. He loved to drink and celebrate with mary everytime he would gain some money so it was hard for him to save it. Being in the streets the way he was may have been hard for him because he would have to try to survive and work with whatever he got on him, but since he was so addicted to drinking everytime he would make some money he would go to the bar and buy drinks. But at least at the end of the day he was able to redeem his grandmothers regalia.

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