Copy of Copy of Copy of Project: About Me (Scratch – Mouse Create)

Project: About Me
0 – Missing or unidentifiable 1 – Does not meet standard 2 – Meets Standard 3 – Exceeds Standard
1. About Me planning document The planning document accurately lays out the look and functionailty of the final Scratch Program. All fields in the document have been answered with accuracy and includes a sketch of the final program.
2. Introduction of steps the connection of each of the blocks. It was hard for me to find another background that it is not in the scratch each of the steps is well explained and it is easy to find each block when a picture of them is provided. The organization of the project is well done, first time user with Scratch it can be not all stressful to experiment and test the result of the project.
3.lay out your program The explanation if I want to find a different background The connection of each step is pretty understandable. the examples of how others did the about me project help a lot. The steps on how to choose the background  it made so easy for me to learn how to choose the background.
4.Make it interactive The only thing is the confusion or having difficulties knowing where I can find the blocks that were suggested to the About me project. The blocks helped me to try them and to create events, where or blocks make an event happen. The planning of the blocks and choosing the ones that help to create the About me project is well organized.
5. preparing the answer in a temple. Drawing the Sketch was hard for me, I was not able to do it. The template was very helpful and as a guideline to prepare for what I want it to share in the project.
6.answering some of the questions as a guide Questions made me trying different ways with the blocks how to use them, by answering in the block “say ..wait”
7. save and share the project TEsting and debuting, bef9ore sharing the program allowed you to see your work and to see if things work in an appropriate way .

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