Compare and Contrast Essay

The stories of both Ali and Julliane in these two videos are more similar than different. In Ali’s video he explains having to go through the pain of being separated from his parents and the difficulties he faced adjusting to life in the UK. In Julianne’s video she explains being a young girl and reuniting with her mother, after being separated during a difficult migrant journey from Zimbabwe to the UK. Although there are minor differences in these two stories, both have to go through the same journey of having to leave their home country to have a better life for themselves. Both go through many struggles in their journey but still have to find a way to cope with it.

The internal conflicts faced by Julianne and Ali are different because Ali may be suffering from not seeing his parents just as Julianne but he is suffering with it because they are far away from where he resides currently with his grandma. As in Julianne’s case she is suffering from not seeing her parents as she is in school because of what happened to her in her home country although his mom is just home waiting for her. Although they may have different internal conflicts they also have similar conflicts.The internal conflicts faced by Julianne and Ali that are similar is both Ali and Julianne having to suffer with mental issues when they traveled to the UK. Julianne suffered with anxiety as she was in school because she was scared of what her mother was doing as she was in school. Ali also suffered with anxiety because of constantly thinking about how his parents are back in his home country. Both ended up having anxiety for their loved ones because they weren’t near them to know if they were perfectly fine.

The external conflicts faced by Julianne and Ali are similar because both had to struggle with kids that surrounded them. Both Julianne and Ali struggled with talking to other students in their new school in the UK because all of them spoke English which Julianne and Ali did not. Julianne decided to learn English and Ali used imagery to conversate. Some people may also see differences between their external conflicts. The external conflicts faced by Julianne and Ali are also different because Julianne was separated from her mother. Ali was with his family unlike Julianne but he was suffering through the conditions they had to live in together. Although both had issues in their home country both of their issues differ from each other.

The settings of Julianne and Ali are different because although both ended up migrating to the UK, before both lived in different countries. Julianne used to live in Zimbabwe, and Ali lived in Afghanistan. Julianne went through the events of having to be forced to be separated from her mom and having to fight to get back to her in her home country. While Ali was suffering from living in very rough conditions and having to survive with his family in his country. Their settings are similar because both of them migrated to the UK. This is where they were migrated to in order to have a more safe and happy place to live. This is where both end up gaining mental health issues but as time passes both have adapted to the new lifestyle and most likely now live a great life with their caregivers.

I have learned that although immigration may be something that is done to bring hope to families that are in bad conditions, it may bring many anxiety to them as well. I say this because throughout Ali and Julianne’s stories both talked a lot about how they suffered with anxiety because of the difference in language and surroundings  that they are not used to. It was hard for them to accustom to the new changes to the country they migrated to. In conclusion, I believe that both stories are more similar than different. Both go through many struggles and issues on their journeys to earn a better life for themselves.

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May 27, 2021 9:04 pm

Hi Christian–

You know, if you intend this to be here for only teachers to see, that’s fine — given how you have limited access. But if you would like other youth to see it and comment on it, consider putting it up as a discussion post following these (relatively easy) steps for How to Post a Discussion on Youth Voices.

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