Born a crime 2

In the book “born a crime “ which takes place in South Africa during apartheid , goes into depths about a life of a biracial child and his upbringing along with the upbringing of people of color during this era, he explains the lack of opportunities , racial stereotyping ,discrimination and abuse people of color had to endure as well as how apartheid was created. Apartheid was created to be the best form of oppression for poc but Specifically black people They took ideas of different forms of racial discrimination around the world that has actually proved to be successful as a way to keep them under control and prevent them from succeeding out of the ghetto,these people were denied proper education and jobs which lead to them having to commit crimes in order to survive and provide for their families, They were taught to hate who they are and feel inferior to white people , but not only were they taught to hate who they are  they were also  taught to hate eachother. They were Separated by tribes that spoke different languages, you were seen as an Ally if you spoke their language and seen as an enemy if you didn’t , no matter if you looked like them or not .


“Born a crime “ by Trevor Noah might leave a reader feeling angry .The reader would feel angery with the mistreatment poc has had to endure An example of this is on paragraph 49.“Yeah, but that class is…those kids are gonna hold you back. You want to be in the smart class” Here the lady undermines the Intelligence of a class full of black kids.


The book is about a protagonist who has a hard time growing up in a world where being mixed race is a crime . The problem driving the plot seems to be him vs society, because of society him embracing his blackness was wrong , because of society he always felt like he was stuck always having to pick between black or white , and because of the people who has had a hand in forming this type of society like the government, race mixing wasn’t allowed and he wasn’t able to be seen in public with his father or he would be taken away to an orphanage.


The issues that keep coming up is racism and discrimination . You can see this on paragraph 54 where it says” You do realize the effect this will have on your future? You do understand what you’re giving up? This will impact the opportunities you’ll have open to you for the rest of your life.” The theme here is the Discriminatory actions against black people , as you see here she bluntly says how him switching to a all black class will decrease his opportunities .

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