Blossoming Genius

The flower, sometimes known as a ‘bloom or blossom, which have been adored and admired by humans to bring beauty to their environment, and also as objects of pure romance, medicine, ritual, religion and even as a source of food’. These plants, of various colorful appearances that symbolize many things, are even a favorite among many worldwide artists as well, such as ‘Van Gogh’s sunflowers series, or even Monet’s water lilies’. Surprising as it may seem to some, or a bigger sum that just ‘some’ flowers can actually improve your mental wellbeing too, there has been research found that have indicated that flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods after being exposed to flowers on a regular basis. 


Flowers being used not only as a ‘way to improve one’s mental wellbeing, but also in medicine around the globe’, whether they are turned into oils, herbal tea mixtures, and in addition, have been found in many different skin care products. Over the years there have been more medicinal substances founded that have included flowers in some sort of way, commonly seen in herbal tea blends, and essential oils, which have been found to being very effective when used, ‘they can cure/treat such things as fevers, constipation, headaches, stomach pains and more down the line’. 


Whilst throughout the history of art, ranging with inspirations from things such as cats or even cupid, at the forefront of ‘muses’ there are flowers. ‘Reaching all the way back to the Ancient Eqyptian where the lotus flower would symbolize the sun and had strong ties to the concept of creation and rebirth’. ‘Medieval times, The Renaissance, and the eras that occurred up to the present time have used flowers in art to portray beauty’, or symbolize certain emotions, all determined by the artists choice for the piece. The many founded ways flowers have been used in life throughout the decades have been exquisite and fascinating, showing that something as simple as a plant that we use in occasions like weddings, or even as gifts, has portrayed many various uses, for art, medicine, and improving one’s mental wellbeing. 



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