Beauty is in the little things

The restaurant I currently work at is a family place. There are always kids but yesterday I had this little boy who was a twin. He must have had a really exciting day because he would not stop talking about everything and anything. He is 6yrs old and introduced me to his twin sister Sophia, his dad Peter, and his mom. His name was Jake and he was so polite and asked me to get him a new apple juice because he really didn’t want ice. He absolutely adores his twin sister and did not let me forget it. He went to the bathroom with his dad and when he came back out I was putting in an order for his table. I have a tablet so I was at the table talking to the mom when I was doing it. He came over and grabbed my hand, held it so tight, and then pulled it towards his face like he was giving my hand a hug. The parents were apologizing but it melted my heart. So much joy in this little boy and he needed to share it. Then another table had a daughter named Cora who was probably the same age walk towards the bathroom and he was so excited to introduce his family again to someone new. Cora was happy to share some of the details of her own family and they probably spent a couple of minutes talking. Here I am watching three 6yrs olds in awe, in the middle of a Friday night rush without a care in the world. Though I don’t have any children of my own these are the moments that make me look forward to being a parent and seeing the joy every day.

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