In the post, “Is Year-Round School a Good Idea?”(Upfront) I learned about two different points of view on whether students should attend school all year long. About 86% of schools use the traditional school calendar that was applied in the 19th century due to the climate. As time passes by several schools are considering switching to a year-round schedule for the reason that it’ll highly benefit students. Having school all year-long will not create an extension of how many days we attend but it’ll only create much shorter and frequent breaks throughout the school year. Doing this will help students perform “better” in school. This statement is misleading because schools that do have the one-year system have not seen raise in kids’ test scores since it does not add to the days that school is in session. If this system is applied it can interfere with a variety of things such as family schedules.

In my opinion, it would be nice to have school all year long for the reason that I easily forget all the information that was taught from the previous school year. It would help me not forget the material and I feel like I would see change within my grades. There would also be more time to do assignments and get grades up since there are more frequent breaks with having school all year long. At the same time, I do enjoy having a two-month vacation by simply just relaxing and easing my mind off the stress school puts on me.

Do you think year-round school is a good idea?

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March 24, 2022 8:40 pm

Dear Valeria
Your post is interesting it got me thinking, I would prefer having breaks in the school year every now and then because it takes off the stress I have.
A sentence that caught my attention is ¨Having school all year-long will not create an extension of how many days we attend but it’ll only create much shorter and more frequent breaks throughout the school year¨ some breaks are necessary for young students which is why I think it would be a good idea.

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