My shadow box on the inside has 4 different color tapes which is representing how I’m very unique and how I’m a good person.To add on, my outside is representing what society see of me, which is basically all the bad things. All the stereotypes they put on me. When people look at me they see a black female that lives in a low income neighbor that doesn’t really have anything going for herself. Many people assume that I’m stupid, or will sell my body, or just do things they see other young black females doing. But actually we are all not the same and most young black female go out and do those things because they have had a very rough life. But that doesn’t mean I’m saying that is the correct thing to do because we have better opportunities out here we just have to go look for them. I see myself as young black female who is well educated, loves to play sports, has a great future ahead of her, and won’t let anything stop that because she has wonderful people in her corner who will always be there to help her. My future is very important to me because I want to be an Hematologist which is a blood doctor and I have been inspired by that by my own experience of having sickle cell. I have chosen to include a section in my shadow box that says/shows the people I love and care for, I put that section because those people have never gave up on me no matter what I have said or put them though and they have also helped me education wise. There is more people that are not include in that section but it’s ok because they know how important they are to me and how much they have helped me to become the person I am today.

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