One must be determined to succeed or it is portless to put in the effort. Determination is the root of success, without determination you can not achieve anything. Everyone has goals they set but the amount of determination is the final factor that decides if they will reach their goals.  Everyday I see people focused working intensely at their goals, some goals maybe getting good grades or making themselves a better person. However not everyone will succeed only those who are most determined to flourish will be awarded.

In the book Trell by Dick Lehr determination is evident through it. Trell the main character is determined to help her dad who is in prison for the murder of 13 year old Ruby Graham. However he did not commit the murder and Trell is trying to help any way she can. Trell goes to a hard to find reporter to write a story for Trell to clear her father’s name. She would wait our side her office and call him but did not succeed and she finally went to Clemens the reporter’s house where she finally got to talk with him. He said referring to Trell and reporters “Stubbornness. Determination. Persistence… Reporters have to find ways around these obstacles. They have to persist.” (Lehr 112). What Clemens means by obstacles are the roadblocks reporters have to go around to get information. Trell expresses the traits he states and one is determination. She is determined to change her and her father’s circumstances.

Determination has decided the paths of many people’s lives. In the article “Olympian Gabby Douglas Homeless, Bullied Before Winning Gold” by Liz Neporent, talks about Gabby Douglas, a gymnastics Olympic gold winner who also has a story of determination and hard work. She was homeless when she was born and was bullied through life. In the ABC interview her coach says “This determination has been an essential ingredient in her success.” (Neporent para 11). Determination again is the main reason for success. Without having her mind fixed on the Olympic gold she could not have succeeded, many other people would have given up. However Gabby was determined to not let these obstacles hinder her performance.

Determination is evident through sports another example is the story of Josh Adams, whose story was recorded by the New York Times reporter Malika Andrews in their article “N.B.A. Hopeful’s Scar Tells a Tale of Determination”. The article talks about Josh Adams who is a basketball player and his journey through recovery after a car accident that gave Adams a scar on his face and 2 broken vertebrae. After Adams was hospitalised he had to go through a long process before he could play basketball again. Andrews says in this article “At first, the workouts lasted 40 minutes and Adams was restricted to standing in one place dribbling one or two balls. Two weeks later, he was cleared to begin dribbling while moving, but still wasn’t allowed to jump or shoot.” (Andrews para 11). This is a good example of determination because Adams still pursues his basketball career anyway he can when he is hurt. He does end on a recognized Turkish team. In the end determination expressed itself as the reason for success and Adams was determined to play ball.

Determination spells out the success of everyone. The amount of determination is the deciding factor on one’s success. One may have to work harder than others to succeed but if the determination is there nothing else will matter.



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