There is some news on the internet that seems too good to be true. The unfortunate thing about social media is that people assume it’s true, and this leads to misunderstanding when it comes to social issues. Complications with fake news leads to  people being confused on topics that may not be so hard to grasp if such information wasn’t floating around. An article called Fake News Spreads Because People Trust Their Friends Too Much  talked about people around you being the cause of miss information. What I read from here is people are more inclined to trust the information given to them from a favorite friend than from a friend they don’t really trust. An example of getting information from all friends and relatives is facebook, and this is the most common place where information can get misconstrued. From Why do people keep giving their personal info when they don’t trust social media to safeguard it? Talked about how people give their personal information even though they are aware that it could easily be given to someone else.

Do people automatically trust all the social media news they get, or do they research more about it? Does it depend mostly on which friend or news feed that we tend to trust easily? Most people seem pretty aware that they shouldn’t trust everything they see on social media, but sometimes they can’t help but to fall into it. When we trust something that we have a feeling isn’t true, is it because we like the drama of it?

What I learned from this article, How people decide what news to trust on digital platforms and social media was that people actually don’t trust social media. It’s easy to search around the web for something that validates the news you’re unsure of, and that’s what people do these days. From Why don’t people trust the news and social media? The article talked about how some news like politics can be very bias, and that’s another reason why people don’t want to readily trust someone’s opinion on anything. 

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December 20, 2017 6:50 pm

I really like reading what you had to say about the internet and how we might trust the internet blindly. I think that we should ask more questions about who we trust and also who we give information to. Do you think us as a society would be able to change how information is spread?

December 18, 2017 10:15 pm

I enjoyed reading your opinion! You very clearly expressed your ideas and research explaining that people shouldn’t trust everything they see on the internet. I believe we live in a society where the media is the number one source of information that people seek to find answers. Do you think there is a way to maybe make sure that whatever the media puts on the internet is always true? Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

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