Parents are teaching their kids values in the wrong ways. Giving kids video games that show aggression and violence is just like a gateway drug, in the sense that it introduces them to a harmful and aggressive environment. Studies show that 60% of boys and 40% of girls in middle school that has played or watched a violent video game are bound to bully, fight, or have aggression. One of the reasons that games have the M-rated sign is because children that are not yet in their teenage years have not fully finished developing mentally and or physically. 

…“Monkey see monkey do”…



  1. isaac 1 year ago

    I been playing video games ever since i was a youngin. Not once in my life i had a thought to do the activities that video show kids to do in the game. Not even an idea. Maybe we joke about it or act like the characters in the video game but at the end of the day video games can be an escape for some kids in this world. Instead of being on the streets the parents would rather have their children play games. i recommend going more deep and actually not focus on all the negatives about video games.

  2. Nini 1 year ago

    Hi Dominic,
    Cool post, I agree that we should not let kids play violent video game, because kids does not have cognitive ability as adult, so we should keep them out of that kind of game. I think kids should only look at cartoon and play normal game, and do not spend too much of time on it, that’s what my parents told me.

    • Nini Kang
  3. Alexander 1 year ago

    In today’s society, the topic of kids being negatively affected by violent games is commonly addressed. The statistic that,”60% of boys and 40% of girls in middle school that has played or watched a violent video game are bound to bully, fight, or have aggression” is one that is quite surprising. I believe that video games can indeed have a negative effect on young children, however an average of 50% seems rather high. That said I have limited knowledge and so the fact could very well be true, in which case I think we need to not expose young kids to such violent games. I feel that games can also have a positive benefit to children as it simultaneously teaches them problem solving skills in various adventure based games. However at the end of the day I believe that other activities such as exercise, music, etc. have more positive effects than gaming. Overall you have a well written post and I am interested in hearing more.

  4. James 1 year ago

    Hey dom, I thought this post was very insightful and necessary. However, I’d have to disagree in some cases. I feel like it depends on how often you play the game and who you play it with. Anyway, cool post bro

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