This issue caught my attention recently because there were accusations of video games causing violence. I wanted to research this because as a gamer, I feel like people who don’t play video games view video games as harmful to health. However, I think that video games are for leisure to relax after a stressful day. The accusation also threatens the closing of video games which worries me. I don’t want video games to disappear nor do I want it to harm people.

I knew that people had evidence of correlation between school shooters and video games. Additionally, they had evidence of video games causing aggression. However, over the years as a gamer, I can say that games don’t cause violence. I observed my friends in real life who play video games as well and they don’t seem aggressive at all.

Now, after research, I can conclude that video games don’t cause violence which is a fact. Albeit there are statistics that show video games correlating with aggression, it doesn’t imply causation with evidence that proves that they don’t have any negative effects.

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August 25, 2021 7:39 pm

Dear Matthew:

I am very concerned with your post, “Do video games cause violence?” because I too wonder if video games really do become a source to provoke aggression and anger. I’m also interested in why people who don’t play video games say that they make you very violent when on the other side of things it can help soothe and relax your mental health.

A sentence you wrote that stood out to me was, “The accusation also threatens the closing of video games which worries me. I don’t want video games to disappear nor do I want it to harm people.” I think this is very interesting because I too don’t want video games to be banned because then what will I want to do in my free time or want to use as an escape route of reality? I want video games to stay so that I and my friends can have fun and enjoy things together because that brings in and builds up friendships.

Thanks for your writing. I am looking forward to seeing what you write next because I am very interested in the way you think about video games and how it is not violent. I feel like you have the same thinking way as I do so that makes me want to know what other things you feel that are different from what others think about. I also relate to your experiences playing video games because I too believe that video games don’t cause violence but I won’t deny that it does cause some aggression. 


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