I remember playing after school with the neighborhood kids until it was dark or until their parents called them in for dinner.
I remember my grandfather fixing my bike tire every time I got a flat.
I remember my Mongoose got stolen the same day I got it .
I remember the 25 cent ices every Friday during lunch and begging my parents to give money so I could buy one.
I remember every friday the smell of buttery popcorn coming from the office and wondering who it was for.
I remember jumping on my parents bed when the bed was made and my mother coming in to the room with dirty look on her face, I would quickly run out the room so she couldn’t catch me.

I don’t remember when I was born.
I don’t remember the friends I had in elementary school.
I don’t remember What I used to wear for school.
I don’t remember my favorite foods or my favorite things to do.
I don’t remember what I learned in school or any of my teachers.
I don’t remember if I was a good kid in school or not.
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Sanchetna Kaur
Sanchetna Kaur
June 19, 2019 11:25 am

I really appreciate the work you have done, you explained everything in such an amazing and simple way.

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