To begin, the novel Divergent connects to 2017 because their is people who have more power and privileges and have more “ambition” than others who are not really up to their level they get oppressed. They get put into fear from the people they get oppressed by because they are afraid to make their own moves on what they feel is right and wrong. They go into consenting thinking that everything eventually will change on it’s own , but stepping up will change a lot based off of the beliefs. Divergent connects to 2017 because Donald Trump has just became president and he is already making threats to immigrants and making walls for people to have limitations and in Divergent also their limitations because your always being watched on everything that you do. Force plays a big role in in the book and 2017 because in Divergent the faction people have to fight people they don’t know nothing about to survive and make yourself seem strong because loosing will be considered being weak and that will lead to people who are winning having more power over the people who are weak. For example Tris when she first started fighting with Peter, she was unaware about how the fighting works because she had never had to fight so her fighting with Peter was a new experience, she was not focused or really engaged in the fight even though she has tried her best she wasn’t paying attention to the hits Peter was throwing at her. Force in 2017 happens a lot in the U.S because people in a way are put where there are things they can and can not accomplish based on forced oppression from other people pushing them to think negative about what they want to accomplish which cause them to give up based on the force due to the oppressed group.

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