It is important for kids to know that having a job is not just having a job when you’re in high school.  Because your job takes a lot of your time, you have to manage it well in order to succeed in both places. If you don’t manage your time right, you could risk failing in school.  If you do, they can take your work permit away.  Another con is that some people start seeing money and thinking that it’s a lot of money. They end up not caring about school and putting all their attention into their job.  It’s a lot of money for you if you aren’t paying your bills and you are living at home.  I could waste all my money right now and it wouldn’t matter because I don’t have any bills waiting for me.  A good thing about working for other people is that you see how hard it is to make the money.  You tend to appreciate school more.  You try to focus on school more so that you can get an easier job that is not backbreaking.  At first, when I started working, I had been putting school to the back.  I put work first. Even though I’ve been doing work, I’ve slacked on a lot of things.  I left everything until the last minute. It wasn’t just putting the job first, it was that the job gave so many opportunities to go out, try new things and spend money.  It gave me freedom to go out and spend money.  My friends and I skipped school to go out to eat.  Now I’ve been thinking about it more.  My grades could have been better.  I could have had more money saved up.   

I like the structure of work.  You have to be on time.  You have to be on point.  They don’t give you many chances, unlike school.  If they have to keep talking to you, they’ll just fire you.  If schools were like jobs and students got paid, then students would have close to perfect attendance.  People would behave and be ready to learn.  I would be the same person at work as I am at school: a better person.   

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March 5, 2018 7:06 am

I think the points you brought up are true for many teens. When I got a job, it changed who I was as a person. It made me think about what I have and how hard it is to accomplish a goal. I think this is a lesson all should learn. At the same time this pends on what type of job your are working at. I think your job should be reflective on what you like and who you are as a person. I worked as a camp counselor and found it very rewarding teaching lessons to younger kids. By putting goals in school I do think positivity would come out of it because we are incentive driven people. Great piece keep writing.

March 5, 2018 4:44 am

I totally agree with your points. As soon as I got a job I started to appreciate the amount of money more and what my parents do for me. It humbles you and depending on the job you get, you respect other people that work more too. Getting a job matured me and made me grow as a person. I also agree you need to be careful. You shouldn’t overwork yourself or focus too much on work as a kid. You should enjoy your childhood while you have have it.
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March 5, 2018 4:15 am

I agree with you that there is more to having a job as a teen than making money, for it is important to learn and have an early exposure to responsibilities and what the real world is like. Here is an article about your point that I think you would find interesting:

March 4, 2018 11:34 pm

I think that this is something that is different for everyone depending on their circumstance. Some people are devote all their time to school and extracuriculars and couldnt handle and job while somepeople need too. I think that there is a value in working but that it is different for everybody and might not boost many students motivation. I dont know if there is any one answer on whether teens should work or not.

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