Discussion About Racism by Ameera

September 20, 2017


Discussion About Racism

Racism is a touchy subject it’s something that I’d rather not speak about not because I feel as though it shouldn’t be spoken about but because people take it as a joke.My English class had a discussion about race it was both an interesting as well as agitating experience.Everybody has a different opinion on racism I believe racism is something that  is we as a nation have been dealing with for many years and it is something that we will deal with for many years to come. Racism is basically when someone is treated differently or insulted because of their  skin color nothing about it is right. It infuriates me when people take the topic as joke because it is something that is very serious because people are racially profiled by people who know nothing about them. People are called out of their names their called
“Niggers” or “crackers” by people who couldn’t even tell you their first name. See I come from a mixed family I am black, white , and indian so personally I don’t discriminate because I have both black and white family members and I love them all equally. Just because one of my cousins is white and another is black doesn’t mean that we all can’t get together and hang out because we do it without a problem.Racism is what we make it because if you think about it as a nation we have developed racism  and we as a nation could end it but people dwell on the and some believe that your racism is a good thing but would they like being racially profiled.