A problem in our world is pollution, especially water pollution. As our world gets older the pollution in the lake, rivers, and oceans become worse and worse. The bodies of water are being polluted with waste, chemicals, plastic, and other sources of harmful substances. The water is being polluted by the human species. The polluted water harms not only the life that lives in the water but also humans. Our health is at risk because “unsafe water kills more people each year than war and all other forms of violence combined”(Denchak). Water is a necessity for humans to live. Our health heavily relies on water and when the water is not accessible or clean for us it can kill and harm us greatly. Our drinking water is being polluted which will result in us having less and less freshwater (Denchak). A great quantity of our drinking water has harmful components to it without our knowledge because it isn’t completely visible. There are pollutants and chemicals in our water that one cannot realize because we cannot see or taste them. Without clean tap water, our health is at risk. According to National Geographic, a common pollutant in our tap water is PFAS. PFAS is used to create common items resistant to moisture, heat, and stains (Nunez). This pollution is dangerous for our health. To help keep our planet clean and healthy, we have to work on cleaning the water and not polluting it. Overall, our water is highly polluted with chemicals, waste, garbage, and other dangerous substances. These pollutants are killing freshwater animals, saltwater animals, and even humans and any other forms of life in the water. To help ourselves, animals, and other forms of life we are required to help keep our water clean and not pollute it.

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