Hello, my name is Lina and I am currently in 9th grade. In my tech class, our teacher challenged us by assigning us a digital activist project. From there, I formed a group with three other students. My group consist of three members: Rachel,Renee, and I.  The overall goal of our project was to advocate for affordable insulin for all diabetic patients. We incorporated digital platforms like change.org, which is a petition; wordpress, which is a blogging site; and various social media platforms in our project. We tried to spread awareness of this highly problematic issue in hopes of changing the expensive cost of insulin. Through our determination and passion to advocate for this issue, our project turned out to be somewhat successful.

Looking at the statistics of my project, I have concluded that our project is somewhat successful. Our project is successful in some ways and is also unsuccessful in others ways. Some of our achievements that we had accomplished through this project was being able to reach 923 signers for our petition over the spam of 3 months, thus being successful. Furthermore, we had received 30 comments on our petition. Additionally, on our social media post we were also able to reach a large audience that were also concern with the same issue.

However, the aspect of our project that was unsuccessful is our blog. Compare to our petition which got 922, our blog did poorly, with only 64 views, 28 visitors, no likes, no comments, and no followers. We were extremely disappointed by these statistics. Our blog clearly is not as successful as our petition we created. Our blog might have done so poorly  because we weren’t promoting our blog as much as our petition, therefore our blog barely got any viewership and was not successful.

Undeniably, from all the statistics I have collected from our blog, petition, and our social media platforms we have concluded that our project is somewhat successful. One aspect of our project that was successful is our petition, however, on the flip side one aspect of our project that was unsuccessful is our blog. From this project, I’ve learned a lot about insulin prices. Additionally, our group also made some mistakes that contributed to the low viewership of our blog, which is not promoting it enough on our social media post. Overall, this experience was new and was very interesting. While your at it, check out our blog https://insulinforall.wordpress.com/ and our petition https://www.change.org/p/janet-woodcock-m-d-insulin-for-all.

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