At the start of the New Year, 2 of my classmates and I decided to advocate for animal wellness. Animals are frequently neglected and abused all over the world, and although I may not be able to help globally, I can start helping locally. The overall goal of our project was to bring awareness to shelter animals and shelters, but also abandoned and stray animals on the streets. From February to May, my group and I made various blog posts and Instagram posts to educate others about shelter animals. I believe that our project was pretty successful, but there could’ve been improvements to our content which may have made us closer to our goal.

In terms of our blog, I believe that our project was somewhat successful. Within the span of when we created our blog and presently, we have a total of 270 views, with 24 followers and 75 visitors. I feel like we could’ve gotten more views due to the amount of posts we have on the blog (55 posts), which was something that contributed to the project being unsuccessful. However, I am happy that we did surpass over 200 views with viewers from many different countries such as the US, UK, Philippines, Nigeria, and Cameroon. This aspect of our statistics is something I found to be a success.

However, I felt that our petition was unsuccessful. We got 144 signatures in 3 months, which I felt was very low compared to the statistics of our blog. Compared to another group, which had over 800 signatures, our petition was something that lacked attention. Overall, I felt like this contributed to making our project somewhat unsuccessful.

Based of off our statistics, although there were some aspects of the projected that were lacking, I gained a huge understanding of animal rights and how shelters affected the way animals lived. Our blog received more attention than our petitions, which I understood the reason why. Since we were much more active when posting and promoting content on our blogs, we gained more recognition on that platform. However, in order to gain recognition on both our blog and petition, I would have to promote the petition a little more, and present it in a way that is more appealing and engaging to my audience.

If you would like to check out my group’s blog and petition, here is the link below!

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