Racism is a very prevalent within our community today. Many people are blind to it because their is more than one form of racism. There is reverse racism, subtle racism, colorism, and internalized racism all of these forms of racism differ from each other.

Reverse racism is the most prevalent form of racism today. The definition of reverse racism, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is “ Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism on the basis of race directed against a member of a dominant or privileged racial group.” Reverse racism is a very controversial concept because it is hard for a privileged group with power to say that they are being oppressed by  a minority with little to no power. The Huffington post is quoted saying “The impulse behind the reverse racism argument seems to be a desire to prove that people of color don’t have it that bad, they’re not the only ones that are put at a disadvantage or targeted because of their race.” This is a great definition and explanation to the idea behind reverse racism

Another form of racism is Internalized racism.  According to News Flash “Internalized racism occurs when people targeted by racism are overwhelmed and overrun by the pervasive messages, attitudes, and behaviors of racism.” This causes people that are oppressed to develop self hatred or insecurities to themselves and their physical features. This often happens within the western part of the world where many people are expected to look a certain way. People that are experiencing internalized racism are led to see their physical attributes as ugly because they do not look like the perfect person in society. This can lead to those minorities to perform self harm or body modifications that can damage the human body in order to reach that perfect appearance that is put in place by society.

Subtle racism is the most common form of racism that is used today. The Huffington post says “Subtle racism, also known as, covert racism is described as a person who has implicit racial or other negative attitudes towards another group.” Many people who experience this form of racism experience people ignoring them, making them wait longer at restaurants, or receiving a lesser form of service all because of the color of their skin. Many times people perform subtle racism due to their cognitive dissonance. They do not believe that they are performing a racist action but often times they are.

The final kind of racism is colorism. The Huffington Post says colorism “occurs when minorities discriminate against those with darker skin than they have.” For years lighter skin has been viewed as superior to people with darker skin. Many people believe that colorism only exists in the African American communities but it is also present within Asia. Colorism is one of the main causes for racism.

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February 16, 2018 6:38 am

Hey Zach! I loved reading your post about the different form of racism present in our society. The explanations you gave, may help someone ignorant or clarify someone’s perception and understanding of the terms. For me personally I think racism is taught by ourselves and as we always say if you teach yourself to be a bad person so can you teach yourself to be a good person.

February 12, 2018 4:23 pm

Hi Zachary,
this post was great. By explaining these terms you very clearly explained racism in a modern world. As I read through your post I was able to think of or imagine examples of various types of racism that I think often go unnoticed. you mentioned that reverse racism is a controversial term. my own opinion is that there is no such thing. The word racism it self does not apply to just minority groups but any group being discriminated against regardless of their actual race. because of this i find the term reverse racism somewhat prejudice since it distinguishes between groups based on their race, culture, or ethnicity. I can confirm for youth colorism is very much alive in asian communities. my grandmother family were very much against her marrying my grandfather because he was poor and dark skinned. thanks for the great post!

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