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In the article “Key Facts about Americans and Guns” (Schaeffer 2023) I learned that many Americans have different views when it comes to firearms. Many Americans who own guns tend to believe that guns shouldn’t have restrictions because it’s their 2nd amendment and the way they use their guns is not caused by violence but for self-protection. Americans who aren’t gun owners say that any type of guns cause more violence. Opinions on firearms may differ based on their political views. Many Republicans believe that they have the right to firearms and that should not be taken away from them because it’s a given right. While Democrats believe that having more guns around will cause more gun violence. 

This article’s main focus was not on picking sides but mainly on stating how each side views guns and firearms. This is one of the biggest discussions around the U.S. because many people have different views on firearms. Opinions may vary from their gender to gun owners vs non-gun owners. 

A question I have is why do people think that this is an issue if it’s a given right? And what are possible ways to avoid gun violence in the U.S.?

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December 12, 2023 10:37 pm

Dear Janet, 

Your post made me think about how everyone might have different perspective of guns. Many people believe that carrying a firearm is bad and cause trouble but many people think its good to carry guns for their safety. Something i wonder is if anyone has done anything to show that guns are either bad or good.

Cameron Hernandez

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