The meat industry has been extremely profitable for many years now, giving us all the meat products we love. From being sold to fast food restaurants around the world to the supermarkets nearby where we buy it. However, the meat industry is bad for animals, consumers and the environment because animals and humans are in danger of death from consequences from this profit making industry

The animals for example deal with a lot of abuse due to workers beating them, the consumers will deal with bad health effects that can lead to cancer and last but not least the greenhouse gases that are coming out of meat factories can harm our environment by contaminating the air we breathe. In order to fix this unhealthy system, the government should subsidize sustainable meat farms like PolyFace and regulate the industry more

A major problem in the meat industry is the companies  themselves. Tyson Foods, Cargill,  and Smithfield Foods are 3 of the biggest and well known companies that have been tricking consumers for years into buying products that are no good for anyone.




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