We are growing up into a world that is desensitized to its surroundings. It seems that every day there is something awful happening all around us. It may be a shooting, suicide, or natural disaster. We are becoming desensitized to all these awful events, to the point where we really do not care.

Desensitization is caused by overexposure to something. We can be desensitized by practically anything. Porn can desensitize us from sex, and sexuality. Violent media can desensitize us from violence in reality. Even over exposure to tragic events like hurricanes, and tsunamis can occur. People end up not caring after they have been desensitized to the world around them. When a shooting happens you feel like you should care, but you don’t. Oh another hurricane, who cares. Your general response to all these things is, “Oh another one?” 

Bottom line is we do not care as much as the generations prior. We have been emotionally hardened to the media, and the world around us. This makes it all the more hard when these things happen to us. We know how prevalent these events are, and we decide to shut them out. We tell ourselves “Oh that won’t happen to me.”, because that’s the only way we can get through our day. You couldn’t take a test thinking about your school getting shot up. No one would live on the east coast if all you worried about was hurricanes. So we choose not to think about it, as is the way of humans. Desensitization is a blessing, and a curse. God knows it’s not good, but hey, it keeps us sane.

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