Ana: Description of A Child by Crystal

July 27, 2022


Ana: Description of A Child


Ana (pseudonym) is a seven-year-old first grader. She is a hard worker, always willing to learn, and is very joyful. Ana has an IEP; she has a speech impairment. She is an emergent bilingual and has a paraprofessional that helps her with English. Ana receives pull-out services for speech therapy and ESOL twice a week.

Physical Presence and Gesture — Ana occupies her own space. She sits in a wiggly chair. When she is concentrating, she pushes her chair forward. She commonly does this when doing math or drawing to be closer to the paper. Ana is very expressive. She uses nonverbal and verbal communication to express how she feels and communicate with others. For example, when Ana wants people to go to her, she motions with her hand. When she doesn’t like something, she crosses her arms over her chest and expresses how she is feeling. Ana’s levels of energy vary throughout the day. In the morning, she is very quiet. She usually eats breakfast at school and later becomes more talkative. Once the teacher starts the lesson, she is ready to learn. She usually remains focused until the afternoon. Ana speaks English and Spanish very quickly. Sometimes it is hard to understand her because she does not pronounce some syllables. Ana’s temperament is even; she is able to express her feelings well and even asks for a break in the “break corner” when she needs one. Ana does not have any behavioral issues in the classroom.

Relationships with Children and Adults — Ana is very friendly; she has many friends in the classroom. She has three best friends, and she is very close to them. She always talks to them about dolls and drawings. She plays with them during recess and gym. Her friends are consistent; she has been friends with them throughout the year. She is very recognized within the group. Ana loves showing them her drawings. She is comfortable in the group; she can express herself and play with them. Ana has a good relationship with the teachers. She is also very respectful. Every time Ana needs something, she always says please and thank you. She asks the teachers for help when she needs it. Ana has casual conversations with the teachers. Most of their conversations are about cats since they know she loves them. 

Activities and Interests — Ana loves drawing and coloring. She is very interested in art. She has expressed before that she would like to be an art teacher when she grows up. She is very passionate about it and takes any opportunity to draw. When the teacher gives her worksheets, Ana writes her name and also makes a drawing of herself or cats. Ana loves drawing cats. The teacher gave the students a sketch notebook and gave them opportunities to draw. Ana’s notebook is full of drawings of cats and dolls. She loves hands-on activities and enjoys solving math problems. The product is very important to her. When she doesn’t get something right when drawing, she makes a noise like, “hmmm.” However, she is persistent and tries again until she gets it right. Also, when time is over to complete an activity that she enjoys, she usually makes a comment such as, “no fair,” crosses her arms over her chest, and then makes an angry expression, but she gets over it very quickly. She also loves to paint; an art teacher came to the classroom twice a week, and Ana was always looking forward to it because she knew she could paint. During the class, she was always eager to paint with the different brushes and was not afraid of experimenting with colors and using the strategies the teacher taught her. 

Formal Learning —Ana approaches new subjects with a good attitude. She is always eager to learn. She pays attention when the teacher introduces a new topic; when she doesn’t understand something, she asks the paraprofessional working with her for help or the teachers. In learning, she relies on memory and visuals. She relies more on visuals for literacy as she is an emergent bilingual. Also, when writing, she uses a personal word wall provided by the teacher and a folder that contains the ABCs and sight words. For math, she relies more on memorization. She remembers the steps she needs to take to solve a problem. Ana is very good at math. She solves math problems very quickly. She is the first to answer the math questions most of the time. Ana is a fast thinker and is very creative. Ana’s preferred subjects are art and math; she enjoys both and is really good at them. A subject she doesn’t like so much is literacy. She struggles when it comes to writing. She can write simple sentences and spell some sight words correctly. Most of the time, she writes about real-life scenarios. However, she can also write fictional stories and add different characters when writing. She is in the inventive spelling stage, where the child writes, basing herself on the phonemic understanding she has.