Jayden: Description of a Child by Claudia

July 25, 2022


Jayden: Description of a Child

Background/ Description of a child

Jayden is a 4-year-old boy who live in the Bronx. He is a single child. Mom and dad live together in the household. Jayden has an IEP and assist a special education school in the same borough. He receives speech, occupational and physical therapy twice a week.

Physical Presence

In the classroom, Jayden is very active, aggressive, and impatient. He likes things to be his way and when they don’t, he gets these aggressive behaviors, throws himself on the floor. Hits the other children around him and scream very loud. He gets a hard time self-regulating. Teachers try to assist him with relaxing his body and calming his emotions. 

Relationship with children and adults

Jayden can be very caring and easy going with children and adults when he is in the mood. He can communicate, use his words, and play nicely with others. Jayden likes to play with boy A but can also allow others to join them while playing as long as they don’t touch with toys.

Activities and interest

Jayden likes to play with the trains, and the building blocks. He needs to be encouraged to try other areas and other toys because he always prefers to play with the trains. Most of the time, he gets upset if not allowed to go into the block area. 

Formal learning

Jayden has a great memory rapport. During class meeting, he can remember the class previous discussion, topic, and some specific details of what the class had shared the day before. Jayden recognizes the letters, numbers, shapes, colors and is able to stablish a conversation using his prior knowledge.