Quote: “[Lago] The very elements of this warlike isle,/ Have I tonight flustered with flowing cups.” (Act 2.iii.51-52)
Analysis: The word “elements” could mean people like cassio. It could also mean “elements” as in “apart of something chemically converted”. So Iago, will mix alcohol that goes into people’s bloodstreams and make them crazy and do things. The word “fluster’d” could mean agitated or confused. The phrase ¨ fluster´d with flowing cups¨ refers to them getting wasted and getting cassio drunk because he is a lightweight. Cassio getting drunk is important to the story because he fought which showed how confused he was. Which made Lago earn trust from Othello because cassio is suppose to be his main partner and he is wasted or flustered which causes him to start a mess. Additionally saying that cassio is not a real man because he can not hold his liquor and in Lagoś case he is holding down the spot and controlling himself.  From a feminist lens this quote shows that Cassio does not have power because not only can he not control his own liquor, but he is also being controlled by Iago, another man. However cassio is treated similar to the women in the play because he is being used as a prop or object, and is portrayed as being frantic like a woman.


Quote: “{Montano} Pray heavens he be;/ For I have served him, and the man commands/ Like a full soldier. Let’s to the seaside, ho!/ As well to see the vessel that’s come in/ As to throw out our eyes for brave Othello,/ Even till we make the main and the aerial blue/ An indistinct regard.” (Act 2.i.38-44)


Analysis: The phrase “Pray heavens he be” could refer to Othello as GOD. Referring Othello as a GOD sets the tone that he is very powerful and can control everything around him. It also shows that Montano has respect for Othello. It could also mean  Othello is okay and survived from the storm. The phrase “The man commands like a full soldier” would be an example of how Othello is a good leader which makes him an excellent commander. It is also ironic because Montano is praising  Othello because he is “like a full soldier” but you can not be “like” something if you are already something. being a man that “commands” is important to the story because his men will be able to follow him and trust him with whatever decision he makes. However Othello is a brave man who defends the island and they trust him to be a protector from the weather. The phrase “Let’s to the seaside, ho! Means that all the soldiers waited on the boat to Othello came because they were very excited to see him. But they are also nervous about if Othello would make it because the storm happened so he was at risk. That action illustrates how bad they need Othello around to lead them no matter what time of day it is which “aerial blue” shows how the sky can be blue or dark meaning they will wait a extended period of time.

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