Declawing by Fanny

May 17, 2019



Declawing cats is a serious matter that should be thought about twice before going through with the decisions. Many people don’t understand what’s so bad about taking the claws off a cat but once they realize that their claws are unable to grow back, they also realize that their only proper defense has been stripped away which leaves them to hiss and bite.

As a former cat owner, it really stresses me out, knowing other cat owners are declawing their cats because they can’t afford to replace the furniture or don’t want to get hurt. With proper training, cats will not attack you unless you provoke them first. Having proper toys is also important since a scratching tower will wear down their sharp claws and cat towers would improve their mood and behavior. Trimming claws are always an option, much more friendly and safe.

A scratch presentation was made in order to spread awareness of this topic. While making this animation I actually found out about cosmetic declawing. Even though it may be safer than tendonectomy and laser surgery, it’s not recommended at all. Cosmetic declawing may appear to be harmless but the procedure can always go wrong and without their claws, cats will end up more aggressive than before. Some side effects of declawing can impact their stance which can shorten their life span.

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