Dear World,

Truck shows are amazing. It is a place where people who own trucks go to show off their hard work. People work hard to make their trucks special. For example, people have a truck for 10 to 15 years just working on it.  They add cool parts and paint jobs. They are constantly working on them to make them look really cool.

One of my favorite things to do at a truck show is to look at all the different trucks and talk to the owners. I learn a lot about trucks just by going to these shows and asking questions. One of the most important things I have learned from other truck owners is that it takes time to get your truck the way you want it. When you go to the show it is called a meet up. I really like hanging out with people who like trucks as much as I do. The meet ups are a lot of fun.

 I have a truck of my own. It would be called a project truck. A project truck means you are going to work on it over the years to build it to look nice. I am just at the beginning. I am working on the engine adding parts to make it go faster. Some people race trucks but I don’t.  

The people that host the truck shows are always throwing in prizes and trophies to the best club and best trucks in the show. The rewards honor how a truck looks, like the paint job, the rims, the interior, and the overall look of the truck. People enter lots of contests and are always working on their trucks. I want to earn a trophy one day.

People can show off their trucks

  • They get to win  trophies
  •  You get to ask questions to truck owner 
  • You get to leaner about a lot of trucks 
  • I show people my trucks
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