Dear Leaders of America,

My name is KM and I am from Michigan. I am currently a student in university. I learned a lot from researching the charlottesville issue. The tragedy that took place this day with Heather Heyer will go down in history. Many people went out this day to protest multiple things that they believed in and it turned into a clash of violence and hate.

Growing up as a teenager in America I witnessed all types of different things. I grew up in a urban neighborhood, so i witnessed a lot of violence and poverty. America in my eyes was that either citizens were rich or poor and it always looked like it was rich versus the poor. Democrats versus republicans looked like poor versus the rich to me. I believe areas of poverty should be prioritized. There are more people living below the poverty line then there should be in America today. Something should be done about the quality of education at inner city schools, the quality of food in the inner city grocery stores, the run down streets and houses, and the air quality is worse than it is in suburban areas.

I would tell officials who ask for my advice that the schools in the urban areas and schools in suburban areas should swap principals and superintendents to try and bring the educational standards up in urban school. I believe it should be a gpa requirement to stay in all high schools so you can get rid of the students who don’t care about school and are bringing problems and other students down with them. This may cause slight chaos but then students an see how important an education is when they see their peers doing good and getting further in life. Inner city grocery stores need to have frequent health and quality checks implicated. Streets need to be repaved and abandon houses need to be torn down to makes areas safer for children and residents. Factories, warehouses, and dumps should not be allowed to do work in the city. They should be pushed out to the cities borders, away from neighborhoods and schools where it is polluting the air and residents lungs.  

I just want the future of America to be more centered toward equality all the way around with health care, education, jobs, and healthy groceries for all people, no matter their race, ethnicity, background, or finances.

With regards,





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