Dear Leaders of America,

As we all know the United States of America is a great country, however we also know that it is riddled with social issues. My name is Austin, I’m a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and I am from a small Catholic town in Michigan. I dealt with issues of prejudice and discrimination for being gay, and many experience this same thing based on race. Although both groups are largely discriminated against by our current presidential administration, their causes and experiences differ.

Life for me growing up was never the best experience. The town that I lived in encompassed a whole community of strict Roman Catholic families. Although this is not inherently bad, this community uses their religion as an enormous catalyst for spreading hate. Racism is a clear issue in my childhood town, with my school (made up of two towns) only consisting of a handful of both black and hispanic Americans. I had come into contact with the social issues I am discussing today. I have seen how people can be treated and have even experienced it myself.

I feel there are some large issues that our leaders need to address. The first is racism. Racism has clearly been present for hundreds of years, originating with slavery in this country. This administration has pulled so many closeted bigots and racists out into the open, unveiling how much of an issue this truly is. I am also advocating for the addressing LGBTQ+ rights, although this is not the best time and place to discuss this< I still feel it is important for our leaders to fight for the basic human rights of all humans.

In terms of ways to address these issues, I believe it is all about holding people accountable. Many white supremacists from the Charlottesville rallies lost their jobs because of their behavior and what they supported. This is a great practice, we need to enforce actions against racism, bigotry, and hate. This can be brought about through governmental policies as well as workplace policies prohibiting any type of racism, discrimination, or bigotry. People need to fear the consequences of their racist and hateful actions.

I envision a future perfect America as one where people from all walks of life can coexist in harmony, eliminating any prejudice. I wish for equality among all men, women, minorities, LGBTQ+, etc. However we can not achieve a unified America without our leadership stepping up and standing up for those who need it. Our leadership must spearhead the fight against racism and inequality in this country, however I am doubtful it will be anytime soon, especially with this type of hate-filled administration in power. So I encourage an beg you to take this first steps in the fight for basic human rights.

Thank you for your time.

Austin Rademacher

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3 years ago

It really is sad how people use religion, which teaches love and acceptance, to justify hate. It makes very little sense to me. You raise a lot a good points in your piece for example we do need to hold people accountable. There shouldn’t be this ability to use religion as a blanket excuse to be hateful to any group. I feel like those who hate have been empowered in this presidency and somehow they feel justified being threatening and even violent at times. Overall, people just want to exist and for me it makes no sense why you would spend time fighting against someone else’s rights as a human being. They have nothing to lose in the fight, if anything they have things to gain. They could gain equal opportunity for all, and therefore a stronger nation leading to improved life for them and many others.

3 years ago

I feel that with our current president people feel as if it’s almost acceptable to be racist and to spread hate instead of love. I am a minority so I have definitely experienced discrimination first handed and it’s not great. But ever since Trump has been president I feel even more afraid to speak Spanish in public scared that someone will say hate full things or at restaurants when they seat us in the back even though there are clearly tables available for us. I definitely agree that people should be punished for supporting/participating in racism because spreading hate will not make America great again.

3 years ago

Austin, You raise a great point here. It seems as though the systems in place go against anything that is “different” from the normal standard that has been set. I do think that although many face discrimination due to being apart of the LGBTQ community still posses many privileges that minorities will never have. Minorities cant change their skin color but queer people are able to appear “straight”. I think we need more allies within every community. We are all facing the same struggle just in different ways and coming together would be much better than only fighting fights for things that impact us personally.

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