An important topic to address would be how to reduce the violence and massive shootings in the United States. There has been many shootings these past years and by each year they just keep increasing. For example, the shootings that occur on school campuses have really been an issue. It is really a tragedy when innocent students’ lives are taken by criminals. The protection for students should be really high and secure especially if they are in college or school. Students should feel safe and security should greatly improved to make the students feel comfortable. Many people would blame this issue on gun control however I feel like they really can not do much about it regarding the second amendment and to many people against making gun laws stricter. In the other hand, they absolutely are capable of advancing their homeland security and have them always prepare to defend students in a matter of seconds in case of an emergency. To add to that, not only are shootings taken place in college or school campuses but even in the public places such as night clubs, workplaces, and simply out in the street. The violence is really getting out of hand and should really be looked upon by the president to try and change things and reduce the shootings. Evidence for that would be the recent shooting that just occurred in Orlando, Florida which is considered the most massive shooting in United States history. 49 people were murdered and a lot others were wounded. We need a change in order to decrease the the violence in America. Last year there were 372 mass shootings and 64 school shootings. About 13,286 people were killed by firearms within that year as well. We should be extremely prepared for situations like these in order to prevent deaths. We are also dealing with ISIS and still receiving threats which makes more sense why we should really advance in our homeland security. ISIS has said already stated they have members in the U.S already waiting to attack us. In that case, airports should really get more strict with  international flights. For example, they should have background checks and screenings to make sure the person arriving is not violent or has no negative history. Knowing that we can have an idea of the person coming to our country and know why. Certain things like that should be done in order to improve overall little by little and feel safe. There are many topics in this country that need to be looked up upon and many other issues to resolve however, I believe this one is the most important one at this time and specific changes have to be done.


Sincerely, Rafael Hernandez

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