Dear Baby Polar Bear by Luka

October 11, 2019


Dear Baby Polar Bear

Dear Baby Polar bear,

You are a fluffy bundle of playfulness rolling down a snowy hill

You are a mighty roar that will scare away any snow hare

You are as soft as a snowflake

 And I want to show you something…

The sea.

The sea is warming up

The sea is rising up and gnawing at the icebergs 

Pulling square mile chunks down into the ice cold sea, that is not as cold any more…

The fish are too uncomfortable to stay in this warming water

Driving the belugas farther north to find more food to eat. 

They say you and your siblings will wander into local towns because you can not find your own food

Don’t worry, 

The ice will never melt to the point where you will have to balance it with seagulls and seals so you don’t fall into the deep dark sea.   

No other beautiful landscapes will be destroyed

At least not any more

I’m sorry to the Amazon rainforests for the cattle herders burning away the bright trees football fields at a time.

To the Grizzly bears of Alaska being pushed around and around trying to find a home

To the Tortoises of the Galapagos island struggling to keep their heads above water

 We are building student organizations like The Student Climate Action Board

We are making large strikes to make our voices heard!

 Don’t worry

We will protect you.

-Luka Henrie-Naffaa