Dear Baby Polar bear,

You are a fluffy bundle of playfulness rolling down a snowy hill

You are a mighty roar that will scare away any snow hare

You are as soft as a snowflake

 And I want to show you something…

The sea.

The sea is warming up

The sea is rising up and gnawing at the icebergs 

Pulling square mile chunks down into the ice cold sea, that is not as cold any more…

The fish are too uncomfortable to stay in this warming water

Driving the belugas farther north to find more food to eat. 

They say you and your siblings will wander into local towns because you can not find your own food

Don’t worry, 

The ice will never melt to the point where you will have to balance it with seagulls and seals so you don’t fall into the deep dark sea.   

No other beautiful landscapes will be destroyed

At least not any more

I’m sorry to the Amazon rainforests for the cattle herders burning away the bright trees football fields at a time.

To the Grizzly bears of Alaska being pushed around and around trying to find a home

To the Tortoises of the Galapagos island struggling to keep their heads above water

 We are building student organizations like The Student Climate Action Board

We are making large strikes to make our voices heard!

 Don’t worry

We will protect you.

-Luka Henrie-Naffaa



  1. Wuyou 9 months ago

    Hello Luka,
    I love your poem. It’s so cute and it’s also talking about the environmental issue. I wish they will all be safe.
    Here is a link about more endangered animals.
    Wuyou Zhou

  2. Hanna 11 months ago

    Dear Luka ,

    I really enjoyed reading your poem “Dear Baby Polar Bear” because you conveyed your thoughts in a playful yet empathetic way. You ended your poem with a message that shows how you are willing to advocate for the damages that climate change causes. That stresses that you are concerned about our planet.
    One couplet that stood out for me is “No other beautiful landscapes will be destroyed At least not any more” because it shows your concern and it coveys your enthusiasm toward protecting our planet. I am looking forward to read more of your work.

  3. Noemi 1 year ago

    I like your poem because it talks about a baby polar bear. I think that baby bears are so adorable.

  4. Paula 1 year ago

    Hello Luka,
    I loved you poem. it has some very good shifts and a very deep meaning. I found a link to a source that talks about poem structures. I thought this might be useful for you since you already write very good poems.
    Sincerely, Paula

  5. Ella 1 year ago

    Hi Luka! I just wanted to say that i LOVED your poem. It was very playful and cute, while also talking about a serious topic. I think that the fact that you start it out with “Dear baby polar bear” is very powerful and immediately has a sense of sympathy to your poem. I think that more people need to read this honestly because it is so good. It addresses the serious topic of climate change and global warming, which people need to start doing something about. I also really liked your ending line, “We will protect you.” I thought it was a very powerful ending and leaves people with a bit of hope. In your poem, you mention “The Student Climate Action Board.” That sounds really interesting and I would love to see more about it, and maybe I could make one at my school and we could start making a change. I think this poem is very precious and valuable and I think you executed it very nicely. I can’t wait to see what you write next because you are a great writer!

    • Author
      Luka 1 year ago

      Aww thanks! The Student Climate Action Board aka S.C.A.B is a student run group were we are currently trying to raise money for solar panels for the roof.

  6. Author
    Luka 1 year ago

    In this assignment, we were asked to write a poem based on a poem called dear matafele peinem by Kathy Jetnil Kijiner.
    I wrote to a baby polar bear about all the things that could happen to them
    When other people read my poem, I hope that they realize all the damage that they are doing to the earth

    • Meghan 1 year ago

      I love this! It’s adorable!

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