The Ocean is a mind calming mysterious place for me. I refer it as “dark as night and clear as day.” It’s somewhere I can relate to as being my twin. If there were a way we can control any element that we want for example like fire ,water ,air and wind…etc. I would pick water because i can relate the details of it to, how I react to things that occur in my life. This is a little crazy for me because I can’t swim at all, but I would choose to be apart of the ocean.

People see the ocean as dirty, unclean, and not safe to become acquainted with. I see the sand as the places I go. Let me my bare feet seep into the sand with every step I take. I picture it as the sand being concrete and me walking towards a new journey. The waves of The Ocean is connections to my emotions. The waves can be violent sometimes and sometimes they can be calming. Well I compare this to my emotions because my emotions can be violent sometimes depending on the flow of the wind.

The wind can act out as how the flow of my day is going because due to the wind the ocean tends to act out. So due to how the flow of my day my mood changes. Let’s not forget how deep the ocean is. It’s as deep as my mind can go. The fishes represent my thoughts, so many of them swimming inside of head.

In conclusion, the ocean is one beautiful mess and I think I’m a beautiful mess just like it too.



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  1. Kasandra 2 years ago

    I really like your post. The Ocean is such a calming yet mysterious thing. Only 5% of the Ocean has been discovered. Imagine all the creatures that exists that we don’t know about.

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