Dancing my next step by Anais

December 19, 2017


Dancing my next step

My name is Anais Santana , my birthday is July 19th 1998, and I am 19 years old. I was born in New York City, but shortly after I was born my family and I moved to the Dominican Republic and I lived there up until the age of 3. I then moved back to New York City. A huge turning point in my life was at the age of 18 when I had to watch all of my friends graduate and move on to college while I was getting left behind and stuck in high school. I was a super senior with 14 credits and I was still missing 2 regents exam. At that point I knew I had to change for the better because I didn’t want to be stuck anymore. Also wanted to take the next step of my life.

My favorite extracurricular activity at my former school was dance. I was the head of the dance team and the dance instructor’s right hand. I was her right hand because I was the most dedicated, learned the fastest, helped her teach her classes, and over all was her best dancer. At my former school dance was the thing i was best at. Here at Pulse High School, my current school, I’m good overall, academic-wise. I have been at pulse high school for two full weeks and I’m off to a great start with my classes. I was given all the assignments that I missed before i transferred to pulse and I was able to complete all of them. I like doing well academically.

Outside of school I enjoy hanging with friends, netflix and chilling and working out. I like being to myself most of the time and just watching movies alone. I enjoy my own company but once in a while I do like spending time with my friends. I like working out because i am on a weight loss journey and working out is the most important key for that.