Folkloric dance is such a big part of history and culture in Mexico specifically. Throughout all of Mexico, we are able to find and see the many different types of dances they have that are unique and different to each state or region. The indigenous cultures and mestizos are the reason that folkloric dance even came about or become something so popular in the Mexican culture. In this article, it talks about specific dance that are able to be seen in different parts of Mexico.

This country’s patron saint is the Our Lady of Guadalupe. Her feast day is celebrated on December 12th, but even before that day, everyone is in preparation starting the 1st of December. Mance dancers and dance groups come and gather at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe to honor her. One specific dance group are known as the Chichimec dancers, who are also called concheros because some of them play a guitar like instrument made from the shell of an armadillo. Many of the costumes used in the performance they have take a great deal of time to put together. Many of the costumes include sequins, feathers, shells, ribbons, metallic cutouts and embroidery work.

There are many regions and states in Mexico, like there is here in the United States. With each region or state, there is usually some typical dances or style of dancing that is unique to each place.There are so many examples of the differences each state has. Chihuahua is located in Northwestern Mexico and it is physically the the largest state in Mexico. It is famous and well known for its norteña chihuahuense which has polka influence. But, it is unique in that it uses the saxophone and the accordion as its lead instruments. In Michoacán, which is a Southwestern Pacific state, is well known for having dances that re-creations of Purépecha rituals, such as La Danza del Pescado Blanco. But, the dance they are most well known for is La Danza de los Viejitos. This dance is a mockery of the Spaniards. But, this dance is well known and performed in many different places because the dancers are dressed as old men that are trying to dance.One more place that we can mention is the state of Sinaloa. It is located in Northwestern Mexico and it is most famous for its banda style. The dancing is similarly modern and largely inspired by sones from Jalisco. The clothing that they wear typically consist of calico ruffled blouses and skirts and dresses that are derived from the turn of the century fashions.

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