The issue is about DACA- Deferred action for Childhood arrivals. It was a policy made for children who were illegally brought into the country providing them with a work permit and a temporary status that protected them from deportation. The policy was made by Obama and the so called DREAMERS were safe up until this year that Trump ended DACA leaving many DREAMERS with their lives on a limbo since they can’t renew work permits nor can they do anything if the work permits already expired.

I am very passionate about this issue because DREAMERS are all over this country not only are they people that we know but they are teenagers just like us. They have gone through the same things, they have fought to get an education and to provide for themselves and their families. The fact that they contribute to the economy and try to do everything they can to stay within the law. The thing is that now many of these teens are left with their lives hanging by a thread because now they are not protected against deportation nor can they get a work permit anymore. Without this people my age and older can’t work and live in fear every day of being deported and separated from their loved ones. I believe that these children and their families were just looking for a better future for their kids and yes they did enter illegally but that does not make them any different compared to us. They were born and raised here, this is their country and that shouldn’t be defined by  piece of documentation , we’re all here to truly pursue that American Dream.

I knew a lot about the issue including the benefits and how the DREAMERS were affected by the ending of DACA. Additionally, I also knew about the 3.6 million Dreamers in this country and how currently approximately 800,000 people are enrolled in DACA. Doing this project I was able to learn more about the amount of current DACA recipients living in our country throughout each state. I also learned more about the Clean Dream Act as well as the amount of groups and awareness that this topic has and how many people support it. I was also very impressed by the youth and how persistent they are, they haven’t stopped fighting for congress to do something regarding DACA and it’s hopeful recipients.


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