Growing up in the United States with an illegal family is a big struggle. I came here when I was 7 years old, when I got here It was really difficult for me to understand people when they spoke to me in English. The hardest part was learning the difference in certain words and using the correct words.

      My life hasn’t been easy these past 11 years. I’ve been through alot and very difficult moments, you can say.I see myself  graduating and everything, but not going to the college I would like to go to. Is very difficult when you’re illegal. It’s hard because I grew up in a different environment with my family and have never spoken to my family about college.

      Once I got here to the United States I was scared that I wouldn’t see my dad because not even when I was In mexico I don’t remember seen him. I don’t recall my dad being there for me and the only reason we came here was for a better future and certainly, for a better life and for all of my siblings and my parents to be together after the long distance we had.


      In particular once me and my brothers and my mom were about to cross we prayed for a good trip before crossing the border. It was a very long trip! It was 3 days In bus and then we rest and from there we all started crossing. It was such a tiring trip.

We crossed for hours. We took more than one week to get here. My grandfather crossed the border with us. He wanted to stay In the middle of the border because he couldn’t walk anymore. He was going to stay there alone but, we stayed with him 3 hours begging him to come with us and he did. We couldn’t leave him there we waited for him he wanted us to leave him so La Migra could get him and send him back to Mexico.

I was so scared because what if something bad would of had happened to him. I remember my mom begging my grandfather to keep walking. But, It was difficult his leg was in pain. We had to make 2 guys that were coming with us to have one hand and the other hand in an elbow so that he can walk careful and good. We rested, he kept on saying to leave him but, we didn’t. We took him with us, I was really scared.

     Once, we got here to Oakland I was really happy that we brought my grandfather with us home safe and healthy. He was good. But, a few days later he decided to go back to mexico. This story makes me remember everything that me and my family went through when we crossed the border and how right now in the United States people are getting deported for being illegal. It makes me mad and sad because people like me that came from another country are here for a reason to have a better life.

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March 11, 2018 7:02 pm

It is amazing to read the story of someone who has crossed the border. Last year in photography we watched a documentary that followed kids trying to cross, but hearing it from someone’s own words helps you see so much more. We’re all human. We all deserve equal treatment. I’m glad your grandpa ended up being okay. This country needs to take steps to protect it’s dreamers and other immigrants, illegal or not, not do things to hurt them. We all deserve good lives to live.

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